Severe weather warning…

The BBC are telling people to stay at home rather than travel since Northern Ireland appears to have had one of it’s wettest days in living memory. Houses in East and south Belfast have been flooded that were never affect before, despite The new boradway underpass is currently under 20 feet of water. We’ve heard one report of 44 mm rainfal in one rural area and the Met Office predicting another 20 to 30 mm tonight. That is worse than Monsoon proportions (they had a mere 32mm in Calcutta yesterday).
Updates: pics below the fold… to go with this collection from Iced CoffeeCastlereagh Road, Belfast August 08 floods

A virtual river across the Castlereagh Road. Photo from Michael Shilladay.

Flood free Ardgowan Street, Belfast, August 08

Michael Copeland with Ardgowen Street flooded

As if to prove the freak nature of the rainfall, this previously flooded street appears to be flood clear. Check against Moochin’s Photo from June last year.

Floods in the Fairy Glen

And at the very bottom of this chaotic collection is from the lovely Miss Fitz: pics of a flooded Fairy Glen in Rostrevor…

Heavy rain causes flash flooding in East Belfast...

  • Mark McGregor

    No offence Mick but rainfall levels to define the monsoon aren’t based on daily averages. It is a seasonal and persistent weather pattern that we aren’t even close to experiencing. Jesus, it was a day of heavy rain, it happens.

    I take it you’ve started building a bloody ark like Turgon? B&Q;will be having a good day.

  • fair_deal

    I drove thru the new broadway roundabout ‘lake’ 4.45 with a couple of rivers flowing off it onto the westlink. The water levels meant the numerous traffic cones began floating and rather than demarcating lanes were all over the place. The cone chaos made the difficulties of the water and merging lanes even worse.

    I take my hat off to those fine officers in the PSNI who enjoyed watching this for a moment or two then driving on regardless. Wouldn’t want to get those boots and nice trousers wet now would you?

    I must admit I am not surprised by this, the surplus water that has been gathering regularly around this area during the recent weather should have given some inkling of problems.

  • Comrade Stalin

    I don’t think this is an ordinary incident, personally I have never seen so much rain in one day, and this is the second year in a row we’ve had this kind of huge amount of water coming out of the sky. There is a river running through most of the Abbeycentre; here in Whiteabbey, the village is flooded with burst drainage pipes making driving conditions quite hazardous. The river behind my house is close to being level with the top of the bank and is about two feet below the level of my back door. I hope there’s no further rain ..

    The picture of the Broadway underpass is quite remarkable. The entire underpass has basically filled with water.

    It’s funny reading NI Water saying that “no system is designed to cope with this level of water”. Systems actually do exist, such as the storm drainage systems in some US cities.

  • Mick Fealty


    Been to B&Q;earlier, but on a mission to buy a decent drill. Came home empty handed and confused.

    I mentioned Monsoon because a very close relative who has been living in the Far East for the last fifteen years (currently in Vietnam) said he’s never seen rain like it.

    Finally let me make things clear. In mentioning worse than Monsoon, I was not seeking to endorse any speculation which elides the clear difference between weather and climate.

    Pics to come…

  • Paul McMahon

    Ahhh, how I miss dear old Belfast. It’s currently 10.25 here in Pamplona, dry and a comfortable 19*C. I have to say it’s a nice change from the sunny 32*C temperatures we experienced today.

    [Sorry folks, couldn’t resist it].

  • Comrade Stalin

    I was just talking to my parents and they don’t remember seeing so much rain at once either. I imagine that the official records will confirm that.

    I think this confirms that Mark is definitely a communist. His comments on the rain remind me of Stalin’s predictions over when Hitler would invade the USSR.

  • Northsider

    It’s all down to Global Warming. We’re being punished for our sinful consumerism. (c)

    (c) This alarmism is protected by international copyright laws. Any reproduction will incur payments to the estate of Matthew Hopkins, Nostradamus and Ye Old Wise Woman. Inflation calculated from the Dark Ages will be calculated.

    Adds: I do remember, but three years ago, an ‘expert’ telling us, on prime time news, that the water table is decimated due to global warming. And that it would take two years of continuous rain to bring the level back to something approaching normality. Which, he added, wasn’t going to happen because the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change computer models predicted that drought conditions would affect the British Isles in years to come.

    One good thing: is modern life so free of awful threat that we’ve now focussed on worrying about the weather with a apocalyptic fear.

    It was one day’s bad rain. Get over yourselves.

  • BfB

    Not to trivialize…but. An average summer week down here in Southern Florida. Except of course, the 90 degree weather, tornadoes, hail, hurricanes, etc. (Fahrenheit, greenie).

  • the lovely miss fitz

    This is the second time this week that the Fire and Rescue service have had to pump homes in Rostrevor. I understand that one of the main rivers flowing to Carlingford Lough has burst its banks and the river through the Fairy Glen almost came over the bridge at one point today. I have lived here for 16 years, and the week’s rainfall and sequelae are unprecedented in that time span, to my recollection.

    I was just down to the river again to walk the dog, and I noted the Aurora Borealis in the night sky. I dont know who has seen it, but it is truly awe inspiring.

    I do hope Mr Sun puts his hat on very soon, as I am quite convinced we are for drowning down here

  • Moochin Photoman

    At the end of the news there was a travel guidance number to call along with a number to call if you required Sandbags!!!
    Aaah summer in Ireland!!

  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    “I don’t think this is an ordinary incident, personally I have never seen so much rain in one day, and this is the second year in a row we’ve had this kind of huge amount of water coming out of the sky.”

    “Water coming out of the sky”, you say? Hmmm…

  • Comrade Stalin

    The thing is, Bob, that your infrastructure/drainage is probably set up to handle larger amounts of rain. We got a volume of rain today that we’re just not set up to take. And it’s the second year in a row. We don’t have any real storm drain systems.

    Northsider, I can handle all the water. But the main concern I have is for stuff like buildings insurance premiums (you know, the compulsory ones your bank requires you to have as part of the mortgage agreement). If there’s a history of flooding in your area, things could start getting very expensive.

  • the lovely miss fitz

    They are delivering 500 sandbags to Rostrevor this evening I believe. It was a hive of activity here today with fire engines, water service and all sorts of men and their toys pumping water from homes.

    I think I shall take the kettle and the tea bags upstairs and remain there for the foreseeable future

  • slug

    Miss Fitz

    Best wishes to you and I hope it doesn’t cause any problems for you.

    PS This year I missed your coverage of the 12th which you had been so good at in previous years.


    Fooking weather, fooking rain, fooking grey clouds, fooking wet feet, fooking dampness, fooking water coming in through the brickwork, fooking miserable faces everywhere, fooking every year. Fook this for a laugh! I’m TOTALLY fooked off.

  • the lovely miss fitz

    Cheers Slug. This was the first 12th of July I’ve missed since 2000, and I was quite disappointed to do so. I was on holiday in Turkey, so it wasnt much of a contest!
    Hope to be back in action next year, all going well.

  • Harry Flashman

    “I mentioned Monsoon because a very close relative who has been living in the Far East for the last fifteen years (currently in Vietnam) said he’s never seen rain like it.”

    Seriously Mick? He must have been walking around with his eyes shut if those photos are anything to go by.

    SE Asia does floods, boy do they do floods, I’ve seen them rowing boats down the main city centre thoroughfares of some cities in SE Asia, it happens every year and no one bats an eye.

    Sorry folks you ain’t having a monsoon, you’re having a few heavy showers.

  • Mick Fealty

    Et tu Harry? On Slugger, it’s raining pedants [looks to the sky]…. :o)

  • Comrade Stalin

    Thankfully, the rain seems to have stayed off last night, and the river behind me has subsided.

    Has anyone been down to the Westlink yet ? Has it drained ?

  • I don’t get worried about huge amounts of water falling from the sky. It’s when the frogs, birds or blood start raining in that sort of volume that I start to get a bit tetchy…

  • Comrade Stalin

    In answer to my own earlier question, the Westlink remains shut at the Shore Road end, however I saw cars coming off onto the Shore Road.

    I hope that it is drained in time for tomorrow.

  • the lovely miss fitz

    Latest word on the radio is that the Westlink will remain closed for 24 hours.