“the Tandoori-red anti-hero with the serious cigar habit”

Reading through the list of films by Guillermo del Toro I realised that I’ve seen, and enjoyed, most of his work as far back as Cronos – even Mimic. Although Pan’s Labyrinth has been sitting on my DVD to-watch pile for some time.. I might give it a spin this weekend. The Irish Times also has an interview with the director of Hellboy II : The Golden Army ahead of its release – next Friday in the Republic of Ireland apparently. And if Peter Bradshaw’s review in the Guardian is anything to go by, and it usually is, Hellboy II will be sitting on that to-watch pile before long. Of course, if I knew my Hellboy history [or read a newspaper – Ed] I would have found this line from Bradshaw’s review less surprising – “The battle against Prince Nuada, which is to lead to Co Antrim in Northern Ireland..” And they, cleverly, allow me to embed the trailer. Although, since it does auto-load, I’ve put it below the fold.If you don’t want it to run, just hit the pause button.