Ryanair blues

I don’t know whether to feel schadenfreude for Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary at his loss of income ( he’s personally worth $400m), or admire him for chutzpah.. Here he is admitting he screwed up for failing to hedge on oil prices last year. and here again he spits defiance at the Republic’s National Consumer Agency which has asked him to honour sales of Ryanair seats made by rival websites. How much revenue was Ryanair losing on these transactions I wonder?

” Ryanair planned to clamp down on screenscraping websites that he says are ripping customers off by adding “hidden fees and mark-ups”.

“The National Consumer Agency is utterly useless,” he said.

Up to 1,000 bookings a day were being made by these “scam artists”.

He said Ryanair was now cancelling bookings made by screenscraping websites”.

1,000 bookings a day cancelled! Is no one objecting?

To O’Leary, the customer is only right if he says so – and he seems to be getting away with it. Legal action over these websites could take a long time. Meanwhile the poor customer seems to have no redress.