“The schemes being accredited today are..”

No sooner is the funding announced than those other 10 CBRJ schemes are accredited. Timing, eh? According to the Northern Ireland Criminal Justice Minister, Paul Goggins MP

“I have carefully examined all the relevant information on these schemes and share the view expressed by the Chief Inspector of Criminal Justice that there is no cause for concern in the way that Community Restorative Justice (Ireland) schemes now operate.”

That would be this view by the CJI. And this is how those schemes operate.From the NIO statement

The schemes being accredited today are;

CRJI Central Office, Belfast

CRJI Colin, Belfast

CRJI Falls, Belfast

CRJI Greater Andersonstown, Belfast

CRJI Upper Springfield, Belfast

CRJI Head Office, Derry

CRJI Ballymagroarty, Derry

CRJI Brandywell, Derry

CRJI Creggan, Derry

CRJI Shantallow, Derry

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  • Meanwhile, in the RoI:

    Restorative justice was introduced for the first time in the Children Act 2001. There are two restorative justice initiatives provided for in the Act:

    * A restorative conference or restorative caution included in the Garda Juvenile Diversion Programme
    * A Court-ordered restorative justice conference delivered through the Probation Service.

    I should imagine there would be a fairly swift reaction from Dublin if, say, CRJI Derry decided to extend its ‘remit’ into Donegal.

  • cynic

    Ah Manna from Heaven for the DUP.

    This seems to suggest that God Fearing Prods can be trusted to behave themselves without need of restorative justice schemes in their areas.