The Milk Turns Sour As Sectarianism Rears Its Ugly Head

Two under age soccer teams from Dublin participating in the Milk Cup tournament have changed their accomodation following a sectarian attack on the original accomodation venue- a block of flats- of the clubs in Coleraine. A spokesperson for one of the targeted clubs, Crumlin United, said sectarian remarks were shouted.

“There were bottles, cans of beer, bricks and all sorts coming over towards the kids. The kids were terrified. Some of them are 14, others are 15,” he said.

Tournament organisers have condemned the incident. UPDATE: Joe Duffy’s Liveline had a conversation with Paul Hammond, one of the Crumlin United coaches, in which he describes a series of attacks on the accomodation involving several groups (and not one individual), attacking the front and rear of the accomodation. The team had to sleep in a homeless shelter last night.