Round Two for Clones as Qualifiers Heat Up

It will be hard to match the Ulster Senior Championship Final last week for drama and excitement but Armagh and Fermanagh will surely give their all in the replay this Sunday. Tomorrow, however, is another do-or-die encounter for the counties competing in the Qualifier Phase as they seek to make it through to the draw against the beaten Provincial finalists. The all-Ulster affair between Donegal and Monaghan is live on TV3- with Donegal keen to avenge last year’s Qualifier loss to Monaghan, whilst Tyrone are pitted against Westmeath and Down facing Laois. Kieran McGeeney’s Kildare side face Limerick. My picks: Armagh for Ulster, Tyrone, Down, Donegal and Kildare in the Qualifiers (bound to get a couple wrong in there….)

  • RepublicanStones

    Fermanagh have ‘erned’ the right to wither the Orchard. Donegal to be locked up by the Freemans, Westmeath to be left with redfaces from the Red Hands, Benny Coulter to put his opposition on a Laois and Limerick to scare Kieran McGeenys team lily-white !

    (Taxi !!!!!!)

  • mıssfitz

    Just wonderıng ıf anyone knew a way to watch the games ın Turkey? I thought there would be Irıish bars offerıng the matches last week, but not. Anyway, ıf anyone has nay ideas, much appreciated!!

  • austin


  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    Hmmm. Interesting. Do you think Robbie Keane will add much the Liverpool front line? What about Ronaldo? Can Fergie really take him back into the United squad after he clearly stated he wants to play for Madrid?

  • An tUdar

    Armagh to win by 6. Cork to beat Clare, Waterford to scrape past Wexford, Tyrone to beat Westmeath, Down to trounce Laois, Limerick to scrape past McGeeney’s Kildare and of course, the bould Saffrons to get into the Tommy Murphy Cup final again!

  • truth

    Being from Fermanagh and not being biased i predicted Fermanagh to win by 2 points. Armagh have several players who id say this will be there last year at county football, so if Fermanagh dont let Armagh get a big lead i think they will out play them.

  • bob

    Should be interesting to see if both managers try to change tactics from last week.

    Unlikely that Armagh will change that much, with the blanket defence being the order of the day.

    Fear Manach to win by two points – providing they don’t try to ape the Armagh style, as they did during the first half of last Sunday’s final.

  • RG Cuan

    Ard Mhacha will have learned quite a bit from last week’s second half and have the experience to finish of Fear Manach on Sunday.

    If I wasn’t an Armagh man I’d love to see the Éirne boys do it. Of course, whatever the result, both teams will still be around later in the summer.

    Ard Mhacha Abú, arís!

  • brendan,belfast

    Not long home from Casement. Lovely evening and the game was unsurprisingly played at challange match pace. London never really made much of a challenge of it. Ah well, its ‘only’ the TMC but at least we have another day out in Croker.

  • brendan,belfast

    Chris said:
    “My picks: Armagh for Ulster, Tyrone, Down, Donegal and Kildare in the Qualifiers (bound to get a couple wrong in there….)”

    not bad going Chris – and Donegal only went under by a point. Mind you I think Fermanagh might pull off another good performance and finally get the Ulster title.