“Gerry Adams is a block to progress”

That’s the view of Northern Ireland First Minister, the DUP’s Peter Robinson. The quote didn’t make it to the BBC report which adds another instead – “Sinn Féin should get on with it and stop dragging their feet.” And DUP MP, and NI Finance Minister, Nigel Dodds joins the fray

What really bugs Gerry Adams and why we are seeing this sort of childish behaviour from Sinn Fein is due to their frustration at not being able to get their own way over certain issues. When their spokespersons talk about demanding equality it is code for getting their own way. When they talk about lack of engagement, it is because they do not get their own way in meetings. Unfortunately for Sinn Fein, and happily for the Unionist community, the days of Unionists being pushed around or intimidated by Sinn Fein are over. The DUP position on the devolution of policing and justice powers and the provision of Irish Language legislation is perfectly clear. It does no good for Sinn Fein to keep repeating the lie that the DUP signed up to these issues at St Andrews. Sinn Fein need to stop the tantrums, stop holding ordinary people to ransom, and get down to the business of government.

Is it a crisis yet? Adds A quick reminder, from March this year – “failure to deliver [policing and justice powers] will seriously damage [the Sinn Féin leadership’s] credibility.”Adds The UTV report carries a fuller quote from Peter Robinson.

“Gerry Adams is a block to progress.

Instead of lecturing the DUP he should stop blocking the transaction of Executive business.

The DUP will not be rolling over for him or any Republican.

Sinn Fein just doesn’t seem to get it.

Progress is made and agreements are reached when both sides are content. Adams seems to think that it is the role of everyone to move to his position.

That just will not happen”