Iraq: real movement or just for home consumption?

Adds: It’s worth adding the Independent on Sunday’s version of a joint Brown-Obama approach to shift focus to Afghanistan, but no other news source goes this far.

Reports of Obama and Brown on separate trips to the troubled region although confused, are important enough to attract Slugger’s attention! But first as ever, presentation is vital even in the desert. Note the difference in style between cool Barack

and Gordon trussed up in his Whitehall suit, poised to fire a heavy sub machine gun at 200 rounds a minute.. “> The big US blogs are humming with comment on leaked reports from the White House of Obama’s plan to withdraw from Iraq in 16 months. But just as it seemed the Iraqis are buying it, Drudge in the next post, (see tiny red link above the screaming headline) throws in a squib with an al-Maliki denial from CNN .

A great example this of switchback character of the digital news cycle to change the agenda in seconds.
We have to wait for the reappraisals and rebuttals to have a clue what it all means.