Cartoon caricatures

Over in the US, the Obama camp have reacted swiftly to condemn the publication of this satirical cartoon on the front page of the New Yorker magazine. The cartoonist- and the magazine– were clearly attempting to ridicule the caricature portrayed of the black American candidate by some of his right wing critics, but obviously the Democratic Party’s candidate elect is anxious to avoid providing any ammunition to his enemies- a fear shared by many on this pro-Obama blog.
Being a fan of political cartoonists- and non-political ones like the great Gary Larson – I’ve always kept an eye to what our local political cartoonists were producing. We have been graced with talented political cartoonists like Ian Knox and Martyn Turner in Ireland over the past decades, as well as many others. Are there any favourite cartoons that have endured in the memory of our helplessly addicted politicos- i.e. you lot?