Cartoon caricatures

Over in the US, the Obama camp have reacted swiftly to condemn the publication of this satirical cartoon on the front page of the New Yorker magazine. The cartoonist- and the magazine– were clearly attempting to ridicule the caricature portrayed of the black American candidate by some of his right wing critics, but obviously the Democratic Party’s candidate elect is anxious to avoid providing any ammunition to his enemies- a fear shared by many on this pro-Obama blog.
Being a fan of political cartoonists- and non-political ones like the great Gary Larson – I’ve always kept an eye to what our local political cartoonists were producing. We have been graced with talented political cartoonists like Ian Knox and Martyn Turner in Ireland over the past decades, as well as many others. Are there any favourite cartoons that have endured in the memory of our helplessly addicted politicos- i.e. you lot?

  • Harry Flashman

    Undoubtedly the best cartoonist in newspapers today is the magnificently funny yet brilliantly understated Matt, but no one here will have seen his fantastic work because he works for the Daily Telegraph.

    The worst cartoonist? No shadow of a doubt, the awful Steve Bell of the Guardian; hate filled, badly drawn garbage, not remotely funny. Doonesbury’s continual rehashing of all the dreary strips he produced a generation ago during the Reagan era run Bell a close second mind you.

  • the one that’s stuck with me through the years was in Phoenix. Haughey with his cabinet who chorus “we’re all behind you Taoiseach” to which he replies “get out in front of me where I can see you”

  • Dave

    The Phoenix also a had good Haughey cartoon (actually, it was a photo with captions, but some licence is allowed) where he was seated at a restaurant table with his cabinet, ordering his dinner and the waiter asked, “And what about the vegetables, sir?” To which Haughey replied, “Oh, they’ll have the same.”

  • Harry Flashman

    Unfortunately Dave that was originally from a Spitting Image sketch about Maggie Thatcher.

  • Jamie Gargoyle

    Spitting Image – Thatcher “vegetables” sketch:

  • Rory

    I find myself agreeing with Harry Flashman, at least on the merits of the sexy super new Daily Hellograph‘s front page pocket cartoonist, Matt. He simply never fails, day after day, but to hit the spot.

    I do not however share in his embittered expression of rancour aimed at Steve Bell. Indeed the bitterness of his tirade only serves to further illuminate Bell‘s effectiveness.

  • earnan

    New Yorker is one of my favorite magazines.

  • NO ONE beats Steve Bell for making me laugh out loud and for getting it right in how we should see the great and the good.

  • Dave

    It’s a shame that the joke was plagiarised but I’ll still savour the ‘cartoon.’ I have a bias for insulting humour.

  • 6countyprod


    Sorry to be such a bore, but you said in your intro: The cartoonist- and the magazine- were clearly attempting to ridicule the caricature portrayed of the black American candidate by some of his right wing critics

    Have you so quickly forgotten that it was actually Mrs Clinton, not ‘right wing critics’, who brought most of these issues (muslim dress/damn US pastor/Bill Ayers, etc) to the attention of the American people during the earlier part of the primaries?

    It’s interesting that McCain has studiously avoided talking about most, if not all of these Obama foibles.

  • 6countyprod

    Then again, maybe you think that Hilary has become part of the vast right wing conspiracy…

  • BfB

    Donnelly has the BDS goin’ for him. McCain is holding his fire. Obama is shooting himself in the foot enough.
    Ramirez is the cat’s ass.
    There are some nasty cartoons on McCain out there, no whining from him. Obama and his troops are whining bitches of the highest order. Gonna be a great tidal change whether he wins or not.

  • bad form from the new yorker. it gives ammo to the right wing red necks who think obama is the new anti-christ.