Curfews are spreading. Do they work? And what about human rights?

Start’ em young sounds fine in theory, but the idea of curfews for the under 10s seems a bit grim. Nevertheless, a new trial for a voluntary curfew in Redruth, Cornwall is being hailed as a success by some locals, and Conservatives searching for a Big Idea. Under 10s home by 8pm… OK… but under 16s tucked up by 9? Seems a tall order. And what’s the sanction if junior tells you to sod off? The days of a friendly cuff round the ear from PC Plod or even Dad are long gone. And note the human rights objections.

Yet here’s a record of an apparently successful curfew for under 16s in Tyne and Wear four years ago, but not renewed. I wonder what has happened since? Any Geordies out there who might know?

In NI, a compulsory curfew for youths is part of both the asbo culture ( tightened up by a new Order) and voluntary, as part of restorative justice. I haven’t been able to find a good account of either the thinking or practice of curfews. The new Order ( see 7.24) on curfew and electronic tagging has widened their use for people on bail and certain types of offender and some non-custodial sentences.

Aside from curfews imposed for offences after the event, the Assembly debated recommending curfews for learner drivers. in a bid to reduce the carnage on the roads. MLAs of course have no power to make justice and policing rules( ! ) But they can make recommendations.

Clearly curfews are a coming thing. Are restrictions on movements from ages below 10 to learner drivers effective for cutting down on yobbery, road accidents etc?

Has anyone got knowledge or direct experience?