Holylands blogger cleared of harassment charges

The case of the harassed Holylands blogger caused a bit of a stir when Mick noted it recently. Now Slugger hears that within the last hour a Belfast judge has cleared blogger Alan Murray of Holylands Warzone of three charges of criminal harassment. Adds Alan gives his account of the trial here.

  • Although we only really had one side of the story the charges really did seem totally trumped up. I think the guys posts on his blog give the impression of being less than rational, but he was just venting – there was nothing illegal there.

  • The Raven

    Beano, after a few years of living there, you’d be venting, and appearing less than rational too!

  • I’m sure I would Raven, I already find it difficult to disagree with him when he makes actual points.

    Having read his comments on the other post it’s even more difficult to judge the guy.

    PS: In fact I was quite close to ending up living there (well, myself and my housemates looked at a couple of places there before opting for the Lisburn Road). Glad we did now.

  • “Having read his comments on the other post it’s even more difficult to judge the guy. “

    Except for the guerilla warfare tactics, naturally.

  • Rory

    Yeah, I liked the guerilla warfare tactics too, Beano and, like you, wouldn’t dream to judge him on their use. At least they showed he wasn’t just a wimpish whinger.

    Developers and landlords beware! The Torch of Holylands will wreak vengeance!

  • If he has done anything illegal he should be charged. But it should not be illegal to comment on the actions of public figures in a blog.

  • Jo

    A certain developer who wreaked havoc in the Holylands said in my presence that he intended to do on the Lisburn Road what he did in the Holylands. I would say the clock is ticking.

  • diggerman

    stupid bloody charges in the first place.

    fair play to ya murray me boy!

    you didn’t win at wimbledon but there’s always next year

  • Rory

    “If he has done anything illegal he should be charged.”

    Not really, Malachi. If the cops went around charging everyone who has done something illegal in the past month alone there wouldn’t be many at work on Monday morning. Indeed there probably wouldn’t be enough crime free cops left to charge those who had done something illegal and no magistrates or court staff to process them.

    It really must depend on the seriousness of the offence and, more importantly, on their being evidence available to sustain a charge.

    Which is just as well for the likes of me you might well think.

  • I’ve written a brief account of the trial here:-