Big U Turn in Green Policies

Talk about the good driving out the best… The shift to biofuels is now found to be responsible for a 75% rise in world food prices, says World Bank. The hope that biofuels might be a magic bullet to reduce dependency on oil has long been dashed. But the scale of biofuels’ responsibility for soaring world food prices comes as a shock.

The news punches a hole in Gordon Brown’s green strategy and couldn’t come at a worst time, when he’s about to scrap plans for a 2% rise in fuel tax.

  • mnob

    Comes as a shock to whom exactly ?

    The politicians who pick the easiest short term vote catching ‘solution’ to a problem without any deep analysis ?

    Or those who realised that as we burn 4 times the *entire* biomass of the earth every year in fossil fuels that ‘bio’ fuels couldn’t even start to make a dent in this ?

  • Grassy Noel

    And another ‘Green solution’ ends in disaster.

  • Time to build some nuclear power stations, methinks, and ramp up investment in fusion power.

  • Cahal

    Can somebody show me where any green groups called for the use of BioFuel as a solution to climate change?

    The only people I ever heard banging on about it were George Bush and Willie Nelson.

  • k

    This is bull”$”$. They don’t differentiate between the bioethanol grown on cut down amazonian or malaysian rain forest which is clearly a disaster and the use of biodiesel made from clearly renewable sources.
    The rise in food prices is caused by the same people who are causing the rise on oil prices. We have more food produced than ever and more oil refined than ever but yet the prices keep rising?
    The problem is the international speculators. There are people playing ‘pump and dump’ with food and fuel. The classic capitalist model of supply and demand is going out the window.
    Companies like Cargill are hoarding soya bean oil to artificially raise the price.
    Ignore the headlines and look into it. It’s the unrestrained capitalist exploiters yet again.
    Biofuels if done correctly can help fight climate change!