Andy Murray – uncouth anti-British Scot or new National Icon?

Slugger doesn’t go big on tennis I know, but maybe it’s worth having a quick knock-up of comment on the day of Andy Murray’s mammoth battle with Nadal. We’re told the Wimbledon strawberry bashers have taken him to their hearts at last, after his turn-round win over Gasquet on Monday, also watched until dusk by a rare 10 million TV viewers.

Earlier coolness might have been something to do with Murray calling for a Paraguay win over England in the 2006 World Cup, suggests ex-cabinet minister and famed Chelsea support David Mellor. Not cricket, old boy.

Maybe the old rule comes into play. British if you win and Celtic fringe if you lose. Which will Andy be by tonight?

  • Absolutely required reading on this topic comes from Kevin Myers, in today’s Irish Independent. He sums up exactly what many of us (non-Brits) think:

  • Dec

    British if you win and Celtic fringe if you lose. Which will Andy be by tonight?

    Definitely Celtic – front, back and sides. Flexing the guns might work against the likes of Gasquet, who is a pure shot-player with suspect fitness and mental strength, but he’ll be ground into the dust by Nadal if he takes him on at the power game. Straight sets to Nadal.

  • kensei

    Can’t see him getting past Nadal who’s looking better and better on grass, and was absolutely imperious in winning the French Open, especially after such a tough match in the previous round.

  • “when he beat some French cove, Gasquet.” KM

    “Murray Blows Gasquet Away” screamed the Red Tops ..

  • “British if you win and Celtic fringe if you lose”

    I thought it was English if you win, British if you lose, Brian.

    [cf scientific success, engineering failure]

  • Gum

    It was watched long past dusk! Any other player and the match would have been cancelled due to lack of light.

    Sicking display of last-night-of-the-proms jingoism once again at Wimbledon. I like adversarial sport as much as the next fella but centre court when a Brit is playing is just jeer-the-foreigner ‘entertainment’.

  • Basil Brush

    I would say that Murray will be on the Celtic Fringe today.I cant see him beating him Nadal today especially if Nadal is anywhere near as good as he was in the French Open final.

  • willowfield

    British if you win and Celtic fringe if you lose

    That’s a myth.

  • beezer

    It was Brenda fricker who put it best…”When you are lying drunk at the airport you’re Irish. When you win an Oscar you’re British”

  • kensei

    Mark Steel weighs in

    Quite funny, though I thought:

    In different ways, the two main objections to Andy Murray, that he supports Scotland and isn’t Home Counties enough, come from a similar place. The people complaining claim to love Britain, but they only really love a tiny bit of Britain – their little bit.

    Could also be applied here.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it


    top stuff from Myers – favorite journalist by some distance – though rarely agree with him – but this time predictably I do.

    Great radio 5 commentary when Murray was against Gasquet(?) –

    Commentator: It’s great the way the crowd get behind Murray
    Michael Stich(?) former winner: You know zat is really getting on my nervers.

    Commentator: Murray will really have to lift his game if he is to get out of this one (he was 2 sets down at the time)

    Michael Stich(?) former winner: I dont think he can he is playing as well as he can.

    Not sure if the bol Mickey has been invited back.

  • barcas

    I could warm much easier to Murray if we were not subjected to those awful ugly dentist eyeviews of the biggest mouth in Wimbledon at the end of each successful game. Does he really have to grimace and act in that manner?

    And does the BBC have to repeat the scenes at such annoyingly frequent intervals?

    Not only that, we were subjected to a not dissimilar view of his mother from where he clearly inherits the gape and the silly air-punching.

    His demonstration of muscle power following his win over Gasquet was quite banal. Nadal does not need to make such gestures, but imagine the BBC’s comments if he chose to do so – ungentlemanly, unsportingly, unacceptable….I could go on.

  • Prionsa Eoghan

    I’ve listened incredulously to the radio 5 live phone in’s on and off these past two days. Treated as an unscientific straw poll the English by and large won’t be supporting him, mainly because of an off the cuff joke about not supporting the English team at fitba years ago.

    First off, all they done was prove to me that they believe English is synonymous with British, so if you do not give England fealty it somehow lessens your Britishness. So we will now have the scenario that any Englishman joking about Scots or Welsh are somehow less British. Correct, it makes no sense, but this is the present scenario. Seems to me the programme never picked up on the underlying bullying going on. If you dare to be a proud Scot who does not support England, forget about getting support under the British banner, and get dogs abuse for your troubles. It was also funny how many times Murray was compared to “other English tennis players” Not one was corrected.

    Murray was pictured holding the Union flag in today’s Daily Record, I suppose in an attempt to garnish English support. Silly boy, because he just alienated half the support he did have. C’mon Nadal!

    Oh and it was great listening to the Radio Scotland interviewer at Wimbledon struggling to find any English who would be supporting Murray. One man commenting that Murray was as foreign to him as Nadal, good man lol.

  • Phil

    “One man commenting that Murray was as foreign to him as Nadal”

    My sentiments exactly, I don’t give a stuff if he wins or loses and I couldn’t care less whether he supports the English football team or not (why should he anyway? It’s not as if he’s English!) so really I don’t care. Now then, what’s on ITV?

  • Dewi

    He’s lost anyway – shame as Tennis is an intrinsic part of our Celtic heritage………….

  • Cap’n Bob

    As a Scot why would he be expected to want England to win?

  • Dewi

    And Phil – stop bothering on Slugger and get on with your project will you !!

  • The Pict

    Anyone remember Sean Kelly and Stephen Roche being described as “English speaking riders” when they were doing well?