Was it a scoop, or not…

This story was one of several that caught my eye this morning. Conor at Dublin Opinion took it further and discovered that someone at Independent Newspapers had jumped the gun over the report on the Eurobarometer survey (the nearest equivalent of an exit poll to find out why people voted the way they did in the referendum). Of course, this could be scoop for Conor, or, indeed for the Indo. We await the final outcome!

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  • Paul

    The Indo acting like a rag? Story?

    It still hurts them that the empire is long over and mummy England is far across the sea.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    Looks like the Indo was sold a dummy there – best analysis goes to the Sun who summed up the situation neatly with their headline ‘Paddy Power’.

  • “This story was one of several that caught my eye this morning.”

    Was this the one that got away, Mick? It appears in the News Letter, p6. It is likely to feature at least three ministers in Stormont, one in the Dáil and one in Holyrood …

  • Danny O’Connor

    Nevin,I think you have a valid argument that this matter needs further public scrutiny.

  • Danny, it looks as if the scrutiny is now under way in the Assembly and in the press – if not on Slugger and the greatest no-show in the country 😉

  • Danny, your SDLP colleague, John Dallat, has put down five questions to Conor Murphy for answer this coming Tuesday. I wonder will they be answered before the Minister makes his next visit to Rathlin Island. If the islanders have been reading the stories from the South-West on NALIL they may well be a little nervous about what the future holds in store for them in the North-East.

    Minister Ó Cuiv has a foot in both camps through his links to the Irish Islands Federation and his role in the South-West has come in for criticism.