UK press ahead with ratification of Lisbon Treaty

With the defeat of a Conservative amendment, by 277 votes to 184, which sought to delay the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty for four months the UK government now look set to complete the passing of the EU (Amendment) Bill tonight, with royal assent to follow tomorrow. Four protesters were removed from the Lords’ chamber earlier. Meanwhile Taoiseach Brian Cowen is hoping other states would “accord us the time we need to play our part in understanding last week’s vote”. And the Guardian’s European editor, Ian Traynor, reports that at Monday’s meeting of Foreign Ministers

In Luxembourg on Monday, in another unlovely barn of a building that hosts regular sessions of EU governments, the foreign ministers of the 27 agreed, for public consumption, to lower the temperature, voice sympathy and support for the Irish in their predicament, and pledge not to put too much pressure on Dublin. But accounts of the meeting from people taking part reveal a more cacophonous din.

Mick’s already put together some thoughts on the possible scenario ahead. Adds RTÉ report – “Legislation to ratify the Lisbon Teaty has passed all its stages in the Westminster parliament” – and France to re-join NATO.