Jail break or application for parole?

It’s been a real puzzle trying to work out just exactly what all the events (and non events) of the last week add up to. The whole ‘election non story’ at the beginning of the week did not ring true for two reasons: one, the figures didn’t stack up for Sinn Fein to win anything; and two, these guys have been working more tightly together in OFMDFM and the Executive than any other two parties.

The famous ‘smoke break’ during the Executive meeting that followed Margaret Richie’s decision to pull funding that ultimately was destined to fund the UDA, allowed them to confer quickly them acting in impressive concert together. The optics of the helicopter departure were possibly set up to make Gerry Adams look Presidential. In fact, as Rusty has pointed out, it looked more like a break from a St Andrews jail (of the party’s own design and construction). In fact though, since the DUP still appear to hold the whip hand (not to mention the key to the cell door), it may be nothing so much as an application for parole.