“History will judge..”

Interesting to note that the only out-right laughter from former DUP leader Ian Paisley Snr on his resignation as Northern Ireland First Minister came as a result of Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams’ speech. The DUP’s Lord Morrow didn’t spring any surprises. But the other parties present [all below the fold], both inside and outside the Executive, were not laughing. As for the resignation itself..

First the DUP’s Lord Morrow

And SF leader Gerry Adams.

And the UUP’s Danny Kennedy, the SDLP’s declan O’Loan, and Alliance Party leader David Ford.

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  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    Great moment when Grizzly effectively attributed growth of Republicanism to Paisley’s antics on Falls Road – and Paisley seemed to enjoy the irony.

    Reg looked like he was positioning UUP to the right of DUP on Police and Justice and that was confirmed by the largely incoherent Fred Cobain (?) on Hearts and Minds. Reg is trying to do a Faulkner/Trimble on Robbo – its pay back time – only dont think Reggie has it in him.

  • USA

    Are these people on drugs? History will judge Paisley as the hypocritical bigot that he is. Good riddance to this old sectarian dinasaur, I hope he drops dead real soon.

  • Blooper


    You never disappoint. Always hitting the wrong note.

  • Peter

    Goodness me, I hope I never meet USA in a dark alley. Professional historians tend to be a little more nuanced in their thinking than you seem to be.


  • Brian

    Read history. Paisley and Orangism are no better than Nazisim. They treated Irishmen like dogs for 60 years until the IRA took it to them. Good riddance to bad trash.

  • Henry Joy

    Read history. Paisley and Orangism are no better than Nazisim.

    Er where are the gas chambers, slave labourers and invasions of Poland? Or the millions of dead.

    Can I suggest you follow your own advice read some history (or at least watch the World at War) and put things in perspective. And since the alternative for Unionists after partition was living in de Valera’s poverty stricken vision of Ireland, why would anyone want to join that?

  • Brian

    Early in the last century the arming of the Orange Order was a blatant violation of British law and was fascism at its most obvious. The Curragh Mutiny which followed soon after was also a Nazi revolt of British military officers who refused to do the crown’s bidding. So history does teach us that Orangism is just like Naziism: a philosophy of protestent supremacy that operated as a totalitarian state that existed only by the use of force. If the shoe fits…