Oh dear, that wasn’t supposed to happen…

Enda’s been working the south of the island on the Lisbon treaty. Miriam Lord’s been trying to keep up with him:

He cornered a mortified woman on her way out of a lingerie boutique. Speechless with embarrassment, she stood in front of the display of frilly knickers and bras while Enda told her earnestly why she should vote Yes. She nearly cried with relief when he left. But we couldn’t take our eyes off the notice behind Enda’s shoulder: “Body shapers are back, look a stone lighter.” Butsy materialised. “I’ve lost a stone canvassing.” Suddenly, the walkabout was cut short, for the admobile had arrived. The Fine Gael party raced back to The Mall to meet it. There couldn’t have been more excitement had Jerry Buttimer’s horse romped home in Yarmouth. In the end, the billboard was a bit of a letdown, with its serious slogan about human rights and a very big picture of Colm Burke.

And, according to Indymedia, that’s not the only part of the campaign that’s not exactly going to plan. Never underestimate the opposition’s capacity to ‘cantankerate’ Enda!

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  • Good aul Enda Kenya

    Always good for a laugh

  • Dave

    That’s funny. Miriam Lord is showing her age; and, presumably, the mortified woman was of a similar age. Women aged 30 or less are completely shameless about sex, knowing more about anal beads than rosary beads. Very nicely observed writing from Ms Lord, however. Anyone old enough to remember “Larry the Lamb”?

  • Wilde Rover

    Surely if there is a No vote then the other, less politically evolved member states should also be obliged to hold referenda when Ireland is asked for a second time.

    Who knows where that kind of campaign could lead?Perhaps even the subjects of the United Kingdom might be allowed to offer an opinion on the future of Europe.

  • BfB

    ‘When their entry Dustin the Turkey crashed out of the semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest last week, some in Ireland could have been forgiven for thinking it was final proof that their country was losing influence in Europe.’

    Vote no bhoys…… VOTE NO

  • Jer

    Dave McWilliams had the same angle in the business pst last week – the eurovision is a deom of the dynamics of europe with the center of energy swinging to the east. Thats one of the drivers of the lisbon treaty to ensure the center of gravity in the EU remains with the so called “old europe”.