“Gordon doesn’t get it”…

CREWE and Nantwich has voted against the decision to abolish the 10p tax, was the message from the first Tory to gain a by-election seat in nearly three decades. “Gordon Brown just does not get it and the government needs to change,” said winner Edward Timpson, who saw a massive 17.6% swing to his party. Mid-term elections are notorious for giving bloody noses to ruling parties, and while it may only be a snapshot of opinion, the ailing leadership of Brown can’t ignore such a strong message from voters. It may well mark a turning point for the Conservatives, although whether they have an answer to our economic woes is another question. Oddly, Belfast-born ballot babe Gemma Garrett didn’t make much of an impression with the electorate!

  • Dewi

    A massive swing – and straight to the Tories. What a waste of 2.7 billion quid eh.
    Seriously Blair was right about Brown. He’s not on our planet and could easily lose hundreds of seats at next election if they keep him. Don’t know if anyone in the Labour Party has the guts, support and organisational skill to depose him though. But that is what’s needed.

  • Gordon was never going to be the man long term – come on I am Scottish and I find him a doore git.

  • Comrade Stalin

    In fairness I’d say Blair probably would have lost this election as well, although perhaps not quite so painfully.

    I really hope people didn’t vote Conservative believing that they really oppose additional taxes on poor people. We all remember the fiasco over VAT on domestic fuel. Although at least they had the good grace to climb down over it.

    Oddly, Belfast-born ballot babe Gemma Garrett didn’t make much of an impression with the electorate!

    “I’m not just a bimbo”, said Gemma, posing in a varied array of revealing lingerie.

    Seriously though, the old “stand for election to gain some cheap publicity for yourself” trick works every time.

  • Gregory

    Well, the publicity thing has worked, and she ably demonstrated that she didn’t want to answer questions on NI depts, which is just far out, so she is qualified to work at Stormont.


  • ggn


    Totally off the subject but can I get a reaction on the good news from Kernow?


    Good news for ye Britons!?

  • The Lib Lab Cons are all bought and paid for by te Architects of the EU.
    The same will be true in Ireland.


    Deliberately Trashing our Societies in order to replace it wilh a Police state.

  • The Hidden face of crime in the UK
    We’ve all heard of these, at least in the UK.
    Ian Huntley, Fred West, Beverly Allet, the Dunblane Massacre, the Black Panther Murders, the Stephen Lawrence Murder, Dr Shipman Peter Sutcliffe, Damiola Taylor, Chris Langham, MichaelBarrymore, the Guy in the Portugal Maddelaine case.

    But how come we never see any of these.



  • Shawshank

    Woohoo, Welcome Adrian. Just what slugger needed, another reactionary right wing wack-a-loon. We have enough local disposable morons without importing English ones.

  • West Belfast

    I am absolutely GUTTED at this result.

    I thought Gemma really had a chance. I read her piece in the star and sha made at least two great points.

    I think the people of Crewe have missed a real opportunity to have an MP who would have be up front for them.


    ps – who really cares who is the MP for Crewe?

  • West Belfast

    Ah Adrian Peirson – you should have said you were a Nazi.

    Why don’t you go read the Daily Mail! you narrow minded racist neanderthal.

    Biggest serial killers in history were all white.

  • This just confirms the message of the locals – it is now game on for the Tories at the next general election, although still a long way from game, set and match.

  • It’s not me that made up these articles, they are the police’s own websites.

    Biggest serial killers were all white, that’s probably true (Dunno if the chinese communists are regarded as white but you may be right )

    Were they White Socialists / Marxists / Commmunists


    There is a link here isn’t there, it is not skin colour, it is the Ideology.

    I’m against all Mass murder, including those of the Iraqi People Perpetrated by My Own Government with Lies.
    I dont want civil war in my country, and I don’t want our troops to Plunder Foreign countries for Oil and Murder over 1 Million Iraqi People.

    Socialists again.

    Here is the Lie.

    They are lying about the effects of Immigration.

    They are lying again about Iran, Iran did not say it wanted to wipe Israel off the Map.


    Wipe Isreal off the Map ?.

    I’m not a Nazi, I just don’t want a civil war in my country and I dont want my children being sent off to war for the Global Elite who are ddeliberately stoking up tensions to create conflict so that they can Profit and erct a Police state.

    Far better to Trade with other Peoples with goods and Tourism.

    You need to be able to think more than one move deep.

    If there are ethnic tension, then there has to be more Police powers, see how it works, it is all deliberate.
    the state NEEDS ethnic tension.

    We are all being worked here.

  • Not my imagination anyway, if you look, those are Police websites.

    Crime is out of control and you cannot solve a problem unless you know why it is caused, our once ordered society is being undermined

    If things continue we will end up in an EU Police state, which is of course, the intention.


  • Dewi

    “Totally off the subject but can I get a reaction on the good news from Kernow?”

    Brilliant – excellent editorial and article in the Times the other day.

    Can’t find the editorial but supportive.

  • As for the 10p Tax concession, was it really a tax concession, I mean how does Govt Get hold of 2.5 Billion, it Borrows it of cours, who pays this borrowing back, ? We the Public.

    Ask yourself why does the Govt Print Gilts and Bonds when it needs money, remember, these Gilts carry and interest surcharge for the Borrower, Why doesn’t the Govt simply Print the Money it needs.

    If Govt’s need money Why Borrow it by Issuing Bonds, why does the Govt not simply Print its money and Issue that into society surely we would save on the Interest.

    The Sheeple Stung by the Global Elite again !

  • Dewi
  • ggn


    Aye, I thought that might be up your Brythonic street.

    It will be very interesting to see what happens, what they are trying to acheive and if a common spoken form emerges.

    Can you understand any of it?

  • ggn


    Have you heard that? Cornish Rocks!!

  • Dewi

    I can recognise a fair few words but don’t understand the speech. We were cut off at the battle of Doerham in 577 odd. The brythonic languages seem to have diverged to a bigger degree than the Goidelic.

    P.S. If they let me look at Youtube in work I’d never get anything done……I’ll have a look tonight.

  • Greenflag


    ‘We were cut off at the battle of Doerham in 577 odd.’

    LOL – So assuming you were in your early 20’s at that battle you would now be touching 1,451 years of age:)

    Obviously those ancient druids have passed on the secret of the elixir of youth ?

  • Dewi

    Lol GF – we as in the glorious Britons of course….any way back on topic it’s time for Cameron to talk to the Cicil service ??

  • Great, I’m al for preservation of cultural heritage, same for the Welsh language.

    And those Spaniard allowing us Brits to destroy their Beutiful coastal town with Burger Kings and English Pubs, Madness.

    I’m teaching my kids spanish and pretty soon their wont be a Spain, or a Britain, or a Germany or an Itally, just one Bland Mass called the EU.

  • ‘They are creating a new race of People called EUropeans’

    Remember it was Jack Straw that said ‘the British are not worth saving as a race’

    6 Million abortions, now they want to sterilise British schoolgirls.

    they are creating a new race of People.


    Sterilise British Schoolgirls

    Is this simply an English Problem.

    Join the Dots people.

  • Shawshank

    Join the dots yourself, Adrian, all your sources are hosted on what can only be politely discribed a racist ultra right-wing bullshit factories.

    Dickheads like you make Ian Paisley seem warm and fuzzy. In short troll your vile filth else where. The slugger community has enough crap on the site without adding a racist piece of crap like you in to the mix.

  • Adrian P

    Is that it ? the Best contradictory evidence you can bring forward, I show you MI5 / MI6 lied about the evidence for war and you simply deny it!!!.

    I show you Police websites and you deny it.

    I show you that maybe Iran is NOT threatening Israel. and you deny it.

    You Deny what socialist Ideology is aimed at totally eradicating the Nation state and National Identity, is that what you are saying, Socialist Ideology Does not aim to eradicate the nation states and all national Identity irrespectrive of the consequences.

    I ask the Question again, If Govts Need Money, say for the 10P Tax fiasco why Borrow it at interest via Gilts and Bonds,

    why not simply print it into the economy.


    These are interesting questions I think, is this site the right place for EVIDENCE BACKED questions or not.

    Verbal Abuse is not the correct respose, don’t tell me I’m wrong,

    show me,

    or is this not that sort of blog.


  • Adrian Peirson

    What sort of political discussion is that, if you disagree with someone, silence them, abuse them, kill them.

    Bu do not at any cost actually address the issues raised.


  • Adrian Peirson

    Oh I see, they weren’t on the BBC news therefore It can’t be true,

    I can see the logic of that.

    the Global Elite ( the Bilderbergers, see above ) run our governments which are mere charades.
    Right now they are in the process of causing mayhem in the worlds markets, they intend to kill hundreds of millions and then Plunder countries like africa and the Mid East for their reserves.

    If I were a racist would I be speaking out about it,

    Unplug yourselves from the Matrix.


  • A N Other


    Don’t feed our latest troll.

    That is all.


  • jaffa


    Borrowing implies repayment. It’s a transfer/time deferral of consumption. Printing money simply reduces the purchasing power of the existing issue. In the one case the government has (on our behalf) agreed to reward someone for deferring their consumption so that we can bring forward ours). In the other the government has taxed us by reducing the spending power of our money by increasing the total in circulation. There has been no deferral of consumption so more money is competing for the same, introducing inflation.

    Even Hitler knew that.

  • picador

    Brown is toast. New Labour is toast. At the next election they will pay for their betrayal of the British working class who will stay at home in their droves.

    Prepare for Blair Mk II, a.k.a. David Cameron. Prepare for empty soundbites and worthless intiatives whoever is in No. 10. Prepare for economic meltdown whoever is in No 10. Whatever either Brown or Cameron do it will be akin to rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.

  • NP.

    Tony blair groomed Gordon for the top job, specialy cause he knew he could never challange him in office & would fuck it up at the end game.
    thus making tony look good.

  • Greenflag

    Gordon got it all right -in the neck .

    It’s the economy stupid -time again . Labour will have had 14 or so years before Gordon goes to the hustings .

    All change

    at Crewe 🙁

  • jimmy

    I could’nt agree more with Adrian Peirson.
    The rejection of a referendum on the Lisbon treaty by the UK parliamnet, Dirty one sided propaganda from the Yes camp in the Irish Republic for June 12th, the appalling NICE1 and NICE 2 fiasco.
    Its the start of an EU dictatorship.
    On the subject of Gordon Brown, theres no excuses, he is taxing directly and through stealth a Britain that is broke, due to state borrowing, the EU payments reliance on global finace markets and a tax system that is afraid to impose a relative tax system on everyone. I mean why should a person on 15k a year pay a TV licence for £135 and a person on 100k pay the same?
    Like all Euro leaders he is a glorified national administrator.Real Nationalism is I believe, the only answer.Worked in the past, it can work again.

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  • Greenflag


    ‘Real Nationalism is I believe, the only answer.’

    What does this mean exactly ? I take it this is not unreal or surreal nationalism ? Some definition would be appreciated .

    ‘Worked in the past’

    Where ? How ? When ? And for how long ? Please elaborate .

    ‘ it can work again’

    Assuming it worked the first time .

    I take it by ‘nationalism ‘ you don’t mean imperialism of the British , French , Spanish , Italian, Russian or Japanese varieties ? Nor the Italian Fascist or German Nazi brands ?

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  • Greenflag

    jimmy , or is it real jimmy ?

    No answers or definition then as to ‘real nationalism ‘?

  • Jimmy

    Yes Nationalism was certainly a workable alternative to international financialism from the 1930s to 1945 when it was violently interupted. Hitler-Mussolini had the sound sense that not only the state but people neeeded to be Nationalised his nation regardless of what ones opinions are was a sucess, a minimum wage decades before any nation, workers rights, communism destroyed, national security and borders respected. As opposed to the atomised populace ruled over my an unelected politboro in brussels (thats what it is)
    On imperialism Socialists and Marxist may only see the negative nontheless half the world would still be in the Dark without it, It was a double edged sword but the intelectual merits-analysis of it are held in hegemony buy a Marxist academia so no objective rationalism of it.Imperialism although painful for some, on balance the world world west, east north and south would never be at the cultural and scientific apex it is today.
    So I cant and wont apologise for it. The chinese wont do it when its thier turn to rule the earth, why should Nationalism of the imperial kind do likewise. Natural law after all is Natural law, the EU experiment may believe its an alturistic experiment but its a natural progression of dictatorship, use democracy to enslave the people. At least with Nationalism it was direct with the people. As huxley has said regarding our new world-Europe ‘we love our slavery’. I dont see any differance with Europe and the Soviet Union.
    Every ‘ism’ has failed that is true, they all seem to die a slow death, Socialism, Communism, Nationalism was the only one not allowed to do so

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