“Derry City Council has committed..”

SDLP Councillor Colm Eastwood of Derry City Council’s airport committee claims that the Council “haven’t committed to selling the airport”, although he also admits “we haven’t ruled it out either”. And, previously in the comments zone here, Sinn Féin Councillor Gerry MacLochlainn stated that establishing the airport as a company “is not a prelude to privatisiation.” But with the Council having compulsory purchased land adjoining the airport, and demolished the houses, in a bid to move the airport “into a position where it will be fit to go commercial” the North South Ministerial Council statement notes that

The Northern Ireland Executive and the Irish Government have now paid over grants amounting to over £3 million. In addition to the approved grant scheme, Derry City Council has funded the construction of a new taxiway and extended aircraft parking apron.

Derry City Council has committed to the immediate incorporation of City of Derry airport into a company wholly owned by the Council followed, within a period of 18 months, by either sale of equity of the company outright or by sale of the company but with the Council retaining control of the airport land through a long-term lease. [emphasis added]

Derry City Council has established an advisory Board comprising independent members committed to completion of reform by December 2009.

Update To note the updated BBC report

However, Paul Gosling, head of the north west public sector review group, said he believed the airport would eventually be sold. “The basic problem will be finding someone to buy the airport”

  • elvis parker

    For sale: one loss making airport – land not included?
    Value: Nil

  • The Raven

    I wonder what the rates bill of your average Derry home would drop to, if this were not a Council asset?

  • To be fair Raven, I think they’d only drop about £3 a year.

  • Harry Flashman

    Who pays rates in Derry?

  • Briso

    Not you Harry.

  • I wrtoe to complain about the appalling level of service at the airport, including the fact you can’t spend euro – that was three months ago – never got even an acknowledgment.

  • Not you Harry


  • The Raven

    Thanks Sammy – it *was* an “i-don’t-know” question, as opposed to pithy rhetoric. For once!

  • Harry Flashman

    It’s true though, I don’t pay rates in Derry.