“we play as a team..”

With the Education Minister, Sinn Féin’s Caitriona Ruane, facing the Assembly’s Education Committee today, Alliance Party councillor Ian J Parsley makes a good point in the comments to the post on yesterday’s Executive meeting [Scroll down to IJP’s comment number 11]

“So although it is true that Unionists have to deal with the fact they are in coalition with an anti-selection Minister, the Minister also has to deal with the fact she is in coalition with pro-selection colleagues. It requires compromise, not just saying “Well I’m doing this, so there”.”

The ‘collective responsibility’ of the Executive is an issue we’ve discussed before – Mick had a detailed post on it here – “the legislation seems crystal clear on the primacy of Executive over the conduct [of] Ministerial briefs.” And the quote in the title? That would be the Education Minister, Sinn Féin’s Caitriona Ruane..

  • Gregory

    Take that St. Eugene’s thing, the parents complain of zero-consultation, they were not consulted as it happens, that was unlawful

    I pass it onto her, she writes a stupid kind of letter to me

    (a really cretinous letter, I won’t bore you with the details, my lawyers laughed out loud when they read it, it was sheer eejitry)

    the school continues to evade FOI applications shamelessly by simply refusing to accept them and Ruane is supporting the school.

    She went out of her way to needlessly provoke me over something that was fixable with commonsense. It is a disgrace that SF are allowing her to get away with what she’s doing.


  • joeCanuck


    IJP’s comment #11 is on page 2.

  • Pete Baker

    Yes Joe.

    It’s why I linked to the 2nd page of comments.

    But I should probably have made that clearer.

    I’ll see what I can do.

  • agh

    Nevin, I clicked that link. Interesting when u hit Gaeilge on the SF website that the majority of stories appear in English…
    What about all those people who can’t speak english…

    sorry, off the point…

    If education wasn;t so serious I’d live to keep Ruane. She’s sooooooo awful she’s halarious. I though George Bush was an eejit.
    We all know a compromise will be reached. Lets just chop Ruane, get the DUP and SF round the table and have a selection option at 14 what those grammer schools that insist on it.

    Never mind the 11 plus, I think segregation, based on religion is the greatest problem with our education system. Don’t see anyone speaking up on that though…

  • Gregory

    “I think segregation, based on religion is the greatest problem with our education system. Don’t see anyone speaking up on that though…”

    The CCMS don’t hire Brit sex offenders,

    that’s a dubious benefit the state schools have courtesy of Ms Apparatchik

    Safer for Catholics to keep the difference, that way we only have to watch out for our own.


  • barr140172

    The legislation isn’t clear as to the primacy of the executive.

    s.29A of the Northern Ireland Act, inserted by the St Andrews Act, is very clear that ministers must bring cross cutting proposals to the Executive.

    But it doesn’t say what cross cutting means. And more fundamentally, the Minister retains power legally to do whatever he or she wishes having brought the matter to the Executive.