“All credit to the Policing Board..”

While we’re on policing and justice matters.. The Chief Constable, Hugh Orde, appeared on Hearts and Minds tonight – look away now if you’re waiting for the repeat. He was answering questions mostly on political matters.. It doesn’t start well with Noel Thompson apparently also confused about target dates and deadlines.. He’s not entirely accurate on the IMC report either. There are questions about policing the past, and about robust responses. One other quick note on Hugh Orde’s initial point, there’s nothing to stop the Secretary of State from introducing legislation on non-devolved matters.

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  • “Currently, I have an arm’s length relationship with Ministers and with the Secretary of State”

    Why is the BBC so coy about investigating the role of the BIIC Joint Secretariat in policing policy and day-to-day decision making? What’s stopping it fill this ‘gap in knowledge’ about policing?

    Back in 1996, Dick Spring painted a picture of such decision making, a picture that fits with conversations I’ve had over the years with politicians and civil servants.

    I think it’s reasonable to assume that Orde will be at the same ‘arm’s length’ from political policing decisions as his predecessor, Annesley, was in 1996. His advice will be sought and he will announce that he took the decision.

    It’s only by accident that we will discover whether the initiative for certain decisions will have been taken by London or Dublin.

    Some may believe that the Chief Constable can act contrary to guidelines and decisions agreed by London and Dublin or otherwise; I’m not one of them.

  • “there’s nothing to stop the Secretary of State from introducing legislation on non-devolved matters.”

    It seems Peter Robinson hasn’t (yet) got the message:


    London and Dublin seem determined to continue promoting the ‘peace process’ and Robinson has a choice between the current London/Dublin control of policy and day-to-day decisiong making in policing and justice and a Stormont department that is likely to include ‘associates’ of those responsible for the barbaric killing of Paul Quinn.

    Slowly but surely it is dawning on those who resisted it most that now it the Executive which is in charge not disparate Ministers acting to their own narrow party political agenda.

    Surely it was the ‘lazy’ media, including Slugger O’Toole, that stymied the DUP minister’s mindness to award the prestigious Giant’s Causeway Visitor Centre to a DUP party member, not the Executive.