“Police are continuing to liaise with community leaders..”

As several reports point out, there have been confrontations in east Belfast between rival groups on consecutive nights. On both ocassions those ubiquitous community representatives, or “community leaders” according to the RTÉ report, intervened. Would they be the same community leaders referred to here? Or the ones pictured here? Still, it’s just about maintaining a sense of law and order in their communities..

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  • Dec

    Still, it’s just about maintaining a sense of law and order in their communities..

    Well to be fair, it appears to be at the request of the PSNI (as pointed out by erstwhile an Slugger contributor in yesterday’s Irish News).
    To whit, Chief Inspector Andrea McMullan:

    “The best thing that could happen up there is actually the community representatives in that area working to resolve these issues to stop the attacks.”

    “I would urge all those with influence within the community to continue to work with us in partnership to combat this type of crime.”


    What’s going on here? Are the ‘community workers’ 3 year funding deals coming to an end? The interfaces ALWAYS seem to kick off when Uncle Andy’s and Big Seany’s British government sourced beer & bookies money gets threatened. I wish I was ONLY joking too!

  • cut the bull

    If you happen to go to a bit of trouble to find out how this started then your post may porvide a bit more information.

    On the return route of an Orange widows parade a girl pointed down Bryson St at young lads who were playing football at least 100 yards away from the Newtownards Rd and in what would be classed as part of the Short Strand.

    This woman began videoing the young lads and two members of the PSNI arrived and told the boys to move as those supporting the parade including the girl with the video camera felt intimidated.

    The young lads told the cops in no uncertain terms where to go and contiued playing, wiht this the girl who was had the video camera and others shouted abuse at both the PSNI and the boys.

    A short time later and in the aftermath of the Celtic 3-2 defeat of Rangers young boys and girls aged between 10 and 12 yrs were playing football on the Green at the top of the Mountpottinger Rd.

    A group of seven grown men at least one of whom was carryoing a snooker cue and who were at several stages of drunkeness crossed the Woodstock Rd and attempted to enter the Green towards the children calling them Fenian bastards with this local people arrived on the scene and a fist fight started.

    This led onto two nights of bollocks.


    Cut the bull

    Fair enough and I wouldn’t dispute your story. However the truth of this trouble ALWAYS gets lost in blame & counter blame and what started it ALWAYS gets soon forgotten. My point would be that the PSNI weren’t long in apportioning blame for the Ardoyne/Twadell Avenue trouble to Ardoyne youths. WHY have they been so COY this time? That I think speaks volumes if the trouble did indeed come from the Woodstock Road side. The PSNI, in my memory, NEVER point the finger at the Loyalist side even when the UDA were deliberately breaking windows in Protestant areas and blaming it on Nationalists in order to stir things up.

  • Cynic

    So it was themmuns and the peelers fault then.

    Ahhhh… normal service has been resumed.

    I prefer Lurig’s analysis. Every three years when the application forms arrive there seems to be an outbreak of ‘justified community anger ‘ on both sides.