WAC say they will hand over uncut video…

More on the ongoing saga of the de Rossa incident. From Jazz Biscuit… who quotes the Wise Up Journal:

We Are Change Ireland informed Oakley that they are willing to hand over the full un-cut footage to the Gardai as part of their investigation of the event, as they are completely innocent.

We await the outcome with interest…

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  • Rory

    Humph! I don’t really think it matters if the WACI’s have video footage supporting their contention, if it came to court all de Rossa’s team would need to do is to counter it with this video of Alex Jones who is so perniciously obnoxious that any judge or jury would find for de Rossa whatever of the evidence.

  • Mick Fealty


    Your grasp of legal procedure seems slightly clouded by your predilection for jumping to emotionally satisfying ad hominem conclusions.

    Heaven forfend you should ever make it to the Supreme Court bench. 😉

  • Rory

    Damn! Another door of career opportunity slams before me. Now I’ll have to consider the Diplomatic Corps.

  • RepublicanStones

    Mick any ideas what the procedures are for the MEP voting system in Brussles? and was De Rossa aware that his anti-sovereignty stance would become public? It seems to me that, he was annoyed, not so much at the interviewer himself, rather the question. Anyway at least he was outed !

  • Mick Fealty

    He’s been ‘outed’ here (and other places) months ago. It was a procedural trap, and he fell into it.

    But for me that’s not the story. The technique of manufacturing outrage (on different levels) is the thing that’s moving towards centre picture.