Undercover Diplomat – “addicted to negotiations”

Jonathan Powell’s surprisingly interesting TV version of his diary, the hour long The Undercover Diplomat, is still available on the BBC’s iPlayer – but not for long. But, courtesy of Typhoo, I can post a few clips of interest. The first one is Powell’s record of hearing about the Northern Bank robbery in 2004 whilst on his way to a meeting with Adams and McGuinness – and subsequent events.

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  • yingyangsang

    Iplayer only available in Uk.Is there a counter current in this Europe or is it just me?

  • Pete Baker

    Sorry, yingyangsang.

    The full programme is only available on iPlayer for one more day anyway.

    At least we have these clips.

  • Steve

    Aww yes the northern bank robbery the most famous IRA crime not commited by the IRA. Well maybe the murder of Paul Quinn except the bank robbery got more international press

  • Prince Eoghan

    Yep Steve

    Seems to be a whole host of rumour mongering and supposition passing for hard facts this weather. I just wish they would put up or shut up. Powell’s hissy fit over the northern bank robbery was quite funny though. Perhaps his own terrorists had invested their ill gotten gains there and his cut along with it. Ooooops I’m getting just as bad.

  • No, Prince, they are far worse, as this link demonstrates again:


    Not only real capos but also have a subservient media to back up their every move.

  • yingyangsang

    I do appreciate you posting it up here.
    Now i’m off to read up on masking my computers IP

  • Steve

    Lol Trow nice to see you emerge from hiding under the stairs

    Dont forget to wear your tinfoil hat to keep the secret CIA Satelites from reading your mind