Cowen confirmed as sole candidate

Confirmation, if any was needed, that Brian Cowen will succeed Bertie Ahern as leader of Fianna Fáil and as Taoiseach. No other candidates were nominated by the 2pm deadline. Formal confirmation of the succession will take place on Wednesday.

  • We’ll rise and follow Biffo.

  • Greenflag

    ‘We’ll rise ‘

    Eh ? We have risen 🙂

    Under Biffo we’ll rise some more after a short period of readjustment . Bertie was more of a consensus type manager. Biffo is a more decisive type -leader . He’ll listen to all views but then make a decision . Bertie tended to dither a bit 🙂 Perhaps he had too much on his mind?

    But it can be truthfully said of Bertie that he did the State some service. Biffo is the right man for the job at this time . There was never any question.

  • sammaguire

    Anyone hear Biffo tear Richard Bruton apart on RTE Radio’s News at One prior to last election? Couldn’t find it on YouTube.

    I’d say Enda is sh*tting himself. Apart from facing Biffo he’ll also have to deal with actual policies now rather than the Bertie thing. Could be a problem for him.

    Last time he dealt with policies was the debate before the election in which Bertie whipped him. Yes the debate the neutral media had great difficulty in deciding who won.

  • Intereting comments gents.
    Greenflag: As you are probably aware, I was referring to the Fureys’ song about our dead Chief, the Squire Haughey, may he rest in peace.