Cowen formally nominated for leader

With the jockeying over, for now, Brian Cowen has formally put his name forward to be the next leader of Fianna Fáil and, with it, Taoiseach. From the RTÉ report

Mr Cowen was nominated by Minister for Justice Brian Lenihan, and seconded by the Minister for Agriculture, Mary Coughlan. He is expected to be the only candidate when nominations for the leadership of Fianna Fáil contest close tomorrow afternoon. Although it is still technically possible that another TD could enter the contest before nominations close at 2pm tomorrow, it is highly unlikely.

Meanwhile, Beverley Flynn, TD, who was just readmitted to the party yesterday, has been talking to RTÉ.

Mayo TD Beverley Flynn has said it would be a great honour for her to hold a ministerial office, but she said that decision would be up to Brian Cowen as the next Taoiseach.

Adds This report has some more details

Speaking on RTE radio this afternoon Ms Flynn said she regretted the outcome of her action against the broadcaster and “a lot of what happened over the last number of years”.

“I’m very keen at this stage to focus now on the future and that future I’m glad to say now is obviously back in the Fianna Fáil party where I hope to [be] able to work both locally and nationally,” she told the News at One.

Mr Ahern said after he was re-elected last year, that he envisaged she could be given a junior ministry in the future. And in today’s interview Ms Flynn referred to what the Taoiseach had said in the past and again referred to working “nationally”.

She said it would be an honour for her and her constituents if she were given a ministerial position.

And Minister for Enterprise Micheál Martin has said – “It is a matter entirely for the incoming Taoiseach. I will be happy to serve in any capacity.”

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  • Ulster McNulty

    I just hope Mr Cowan doesn’t forget that (IR)£90,000 I lent him back in 1986.

  • Jer

    There is rumour floating about figures pointing towards on official recession due out from the cso. i dont know about the veracity of those figures but i think its fair to say that Brian Cowen is moving out and upwards at the best possible time. I also feel that there has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster over last 18 months and now that Berie is gone it will dissapate. As the country comes out of the bertie bubble then i think there will be a period of reassessment. In good economic times i think it would have resulted in people eagerly backing FF in a return to normality. In the surely harder economic times ahead then I think there is a good opportunity to “tip” the electorate into a generally consistently negative view. While people have been predicting a biffo bounce I suspect the next Red C/Irish times poll might not contain the bounce that was expected.

  • sammaguire

    Ulster McNulty,

    You should have held on to your money until Enda and the boys got back into power. Could have got you a mobile phone licence.

  • Suchard


  • Greenflag

    ‘Enda and the boys got back into power.’

    Don’t ye mean Enda and the girls:)? . That shower of pansies and that gobaloon Gilmore will spend the rest of their political lives on the opposition benches . Biffo Cowen will bate the shite out of them no problem . And if he’s feeling poorly on the day he’ll send over Beverley from whom one clout would be enough to send the loser midgets Gilmore & Kenny into the back of beyond.

    The next election will be in 2012 . Plenty of time for the ‘recession’ to end and the economy to pick up again . Cowen will keep a tight rein on the public finances .

  • Merrie


    He is someone who would never win a beauty contest

  • Merrie

    On the matter of looks – a subject rarely raised with regard to male politicians – Bertie does not seem to me to be a tall man. Can anyone in Sluggerland who has met him please let me know.

    Even if he is around 6 ft tall his face is very leprechaunish. I can easily see him in a wee green suit with a large buckled hat. And if he is really a leprechaun then this will explain how he came about so much money – I have heard that around €452,000 is being investigated by the Tribunal. This is far too much to have fitted into a few brown envelopes and slipped now and again into Bertie’s pockets – by kindly friends concerned about his financial woes – while his attention was engaged elsewhere.

    The truth is that Bertie had a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. This is something very difficult to explain to a modern Tribunal. Bertie has realised this, and decided to resign as Taoiseach.

    What a shame.

  • brian

    BUFFALO – Big Ugly Fucker From Around Laois Offaly

    And before da Nordy prods get supercillious about his looks, check these facts:

    1. Laois and Offaly (ex. Queen’s County and King’s County) were planted.

    2. His name is Cowen

    3. Edwin Poots.

  • sammaguire

    This is how the media do it.

    Average price of house in Drumcondra 1994=50,000 Pounds

    Average price of house in Drumcondra 2008=452,000 Euro

    Or 50,000 pounds (that’s 452,000 euro in today’s money including interest).

    Something like that.

    A good man hounded out of office whose only “crime” was giving his wife and family a decent settlement on the breakup of his marriage. He didn’t know he was going to be Taoiseach for 11 years when he was sleeping on the floor of a friend’s house. I’d have contributed to the “dig out” no problem. Not because I wanted anything in return but because I admire and respect him as a fine statesman and more importantly a decent human being.

    Yes Merrie I found him taller than expected around 5’10″/6ft.

  • AntiChrist

    Actually sam he has been convicted of no crime.

    He just has no credible explanation for a serious amount of money in his bank accounts.

    I think property developers gave it to him in the hope of getting planning permission.

    That would be corruption.

    Having a corrupt leader is not good.

    Bye bye Bertie.

  • sammaguire

    No AntiChrist (Pope Benny?) if developers gave him money hoping for favours they were just mugs; doesn’t mean Bertie was corrupt. Serves them right for wasting their money.

  • AntiChrist

    you and i don’t know if bertie, or his minders, did favours for money.

    which is why it should never be taken.

  • Max

    This is far too much to have fitted into a few brown envelopes and slipped now and again into Bertie’s pockets – by kindly friends concerned about his financial woes