“Isn’t that amazing!”

As reported here.. [*Ahem* – Ed]

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  • joeCanuck

    That is an amazing josh. Best I’ve ever seen.

  • Greenflag

    Someone at the BBC needs to advise those ahem pelicans to use some sun tan cream . Did ye see the big red nose on that last lad -too much sun I’d say.

    Once upon a time there were lies , damned lies and statistics nowadays there’s just youtube, ipod, compugraphics . Somebody needs to coin a fitting phrase for the new (ahem ) age of untruth, spin and whatever you’re havin yourself more or less.

  • “Somebody needs to coin a fitting phrase for the new (ahem ) age”

    That looks a bit like ‘Ahern’, Greenflag 😉

  • Steve

    Whats next tap dancing elephants

  • Steve, here’s a flying pigs one from the NIO. A DVD could be (accidentally) winging its way to your address as we post …

  • Greenflag

    Nevin ,

    You can do better than that;)

  • This would have been worthwhile if the penguins (SAS in disguise?) went through Terminal 5. Also, did they come across any Nazi fugitives in the jungles of Latin America? Or Provo coke dealers? Did the Three Provitos discover these whilst “bird watching”?

  • j

    check out this space cadets link page. Nice one Dave O’Connell.

  • barcas

    I still prefer the Panorama/Dimbleby spaghetti harvest of 1957. But airborne penguins come in a close second. And they are shaped like bumble bees, too!

  • http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/7324127.stm

    For shame. Guess I’ll put my feet up and watch some good cremating.

  • Dewi

    I read this over breakfast in the telegraph (complimentary – certainly not my reading choice) and I hate to admit it until it mentioned the migratory trips to the Amazonian rainforest I was fooled….there’s always one I suppose.

  • Gregory

    “Steve, here’s a flying pigs one from the NIO. A DVD could be (accidentally) winging its way to your address as we post … ”

    That was funny. I agree,

    Ms Ruane is definitely flapping.

    Home Office minister Meg Hillier told parliament the vetting and barring scheme would come into force in October 2009, a year later than planned.

    Nothing has worked before Soham, or since Soham, and it is a 400 million pound Capita scheme (CRB deal) that doesn’t ban sex offenders from working as teachers, which would be a cheap start.

    Fearsome reminder of Soham murders as 13,000 child workers escape checks


    I can tell you this, the qualification for the design of the vetting system excluded every individual (British or Foreign) who discovered a major vetting defect.

    They’ll spend a mountain of treasure not banning sex offenders from teaching, anybody smell the hand of a major teaching union?

    Ms Ruane is being a bit fly.

    Gerry Adams is about to be Cardinal Law for his new law and order stance.

    Sex offenders banned from West Belfast, except for the schools of course.


  • Gregory

    “Tuesday 1 April 2008

    A new system to provide thorough background checks on those looking to work with young children and vulnerable adults is operational in Northern Ireland from today, Criminal Justice Minister Paul Goggins MP has announced.”

    The NIO, Goggins, you gotta laugh, it’s shameless.

    April the 1st, I couldn’t make it up.

    Announced by a politician who thought that hard core pornography and child protection went jointly together in the same room.


    The pay to view aspects (above link) related to attending pornographers, who were actually there, not just the piped stuff in the hotel rooms.

    the NCIS (Brit spooks) banned Esmond Birnie (UUP MLA South Belfast at the time) from attending in his own city!

    They were not harassing Shinners that day. They were out looking after the interests of their pornographer friends.

    SF showed not the slightest interest in child protection at the time.

    Which is just as welll as they’d have ended up with Brit spooks & Brnch people to the right of them and hard core porn lords to their left.

    April the First Vetting.

    A joke


  • Steve


    you seem overly interested in kiddy fiddling

    While personally I find it so repugnant that I believe that it should be met with a 22 behind the ear and a watery grave in the Sea, I begin to wonder if that is in your best interest.

  • Gregory

    I just followed the link, that’s a rather dubious expression by the way, diminishment, not used by legitimate opponents.

    Steve, here’s a flying pigs one from the NIO. A DVD could be (accidentally) winging its way to your address as we post …

    Posted by Nevin on Apr 01, 2008 @ 12:27 PM

    It was a great April the First post, better than the penguins if I’m being honest.

    Andrew Oosterbaan


    already under a little pressure from neo-cons, was scammed (by Brit spooks) into shaking hands with lolita style porn merchants in Belfast.

    That’s serious.


  • Gregory

    (The EU disowned the conference and blamed the NCIS, first EU conference of its kind ever to be disowned apparently,

    the presser hints at the ‘disown’ insight as the EU tried to work out if pro-pedophiles also attended! They were in the land of Kincora, and out of their depth)


    Regarding the Virtual Global Taskforce
    (VGT) Conference
    on Protecting Children On-Line on November 15-16 2005 in Belfast.
    Combined sex trade & child protection conferences are a very bad idea.

    The abuse of the hospitality of the City of Belfast will be forcefully raised with Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez.

    The civic reception at Belfast city Hall was officially for an EU initiative, it may even be the case that the EU conference was not organized by the EU.

    If the European Commission belatedly decide to distance themselves from
    the conference that will not be much of a surprise.

    It is however the policy of the UK govt. to promote on-line gambling
    & pornography. It is not the policy of the govt. to promote family, marriage or other archaic parts of the societal inheritance.

    “I do not feel that the Pay-per-View industry has any contribution to make to the fight against child pornography,” emphasized Northern Ireland

    Assemblyman, Dr. Esmond Birnie, a leading opponent of the normalization
    of pornography. It is silly to pretend that the adult services sector were not
    delighted to be able to share ideas with Attorney General Gonzalez’s colleagues.

    The same glee, is self-evident in the news coverage of the trade media affiliated to the US pornography sector.

    Esmond Birnie UUP South Belfast