Police act on bebo fights

Bebo has become the source of much difficulty in interface areas with the site being used to organise peace-line confrontations between young people. However, this phenomenon is not unique to Northern Ireland and in Derby police have acted on information from the site to tackle gang fights. One for the PSNI to watch.

  • NICCY is looking into it so we can rest easy, FD.

    Any word from the junior ministers with special responsibility for the protection of young people, Gerry and Jeffrey?

    Mr Bonner is the second worker in the city to speak out about the Bebo website being used to arrange disturbances.”

  • Gregory

    I don’t think Jeffrey is up for it, anything to do with the internet will go nowhere the DUP want to be. Gerry is being talked to next Tuesday (I gather).


  • [aside] Brown takes the policing pledge

    A new “policing pledge” will allow local people to set priorities with community officers in their areas.

    The teams will be working with residents to draw up “pledges” to tackle issues like anti-social behaviour and drug-related crime.

    The community policing drive will be promoted with national adverts and a website – http://www.neighbourhoodpolicing.co.uk – – where people can find the telephone number and email address of their local team.

    Neighbourhood policing teams are also known by other names according to the area in which you live. For example, in some areas they are referred to as Safer Neighbourhoods teams or Safer Stronger Communities teams. They are all working with local people and partners to deliver solutions to issues which people say make them feel unsafe in their neighbourhood. These can include crime, anti-social behaviour, disorder, speeding and environmental issues such as street lighting.

    The pledge only applies to England and Wales so the paramilitary godfathers who operate ‘civic policing’ here can rest easy in their beds.