Lessons in wooing and horse-trading

If Brown is trying to woo DUP votes on 42 days detention, the seduction does not seem to have been going too well. Mark Devenport notes that the in-out approach to Northern Ireland of Brown’s constitutional programme has not pleased. With Robinson attacking Straw’s exclusion of NI from the proposed flag regulations (An exclusion based on “best advice” (from who?) even though it has a limited impact in any of the devolved regions) and both Dodds and Campbell asking questions about the Telegraph article (Note the edited/print version had no reference to Northern Ireland but the full internet version does. it is unclear who did the editing). The second reading of the Counter-terrorism bill is scheduled for April Fools Day (Who’s idea was that?). The triple lock on policing and justice makes it look a foolish basis for a deal. However, would it be foolish for the DUP to trade votes on 42 days for NI’s full inclusion in Brown’s Britishness programme?