The Times of London to review Goodfellows…

Slugger hears that Giles Coren has a review of the west Belfast restaurant that (temporarily, it would seem) gave the Irish News financial indigestion, coming out in The Times tomorrow… Mr Coren, who is not known for pulling punches, or his reverence, should make for compelling reading in Belfast tomorrow…

  • “Slugger hears that Giles Coren has a review of the west Belfast restaurant (temporarily, it would seem) gave the Irish News financial indigestion in tomorrow’s paper”

    I do not understand this sentence.

  • Mick Fealty

    Time for a quick re-write, methinks… but if you follow the links, all will be revealed!!

  • Dec

    Insert ‘that’ after ‘restaurant’and a comma after ‘indigestion’.

  • spiritof07

    I wonder has the Times of London ever used the term ‘shitehole’ before?

  • Grassy Noel

    Mick, it’s actually Goodfellas, but close enough. Can’t wait to read this – I too have had the displeasure of a meal in that establishment.

  • eranu

    theres a restaurant in west belfast????

  • Grassy Noel

    There’s lot of restaurants in west Belfast.

    We have houses as well, with indoor toilets. And we’re way smarter than you.

  • eranu

    but do you have restaurants with indoor toilets???? thats the first thing reviewers go for ya know!

  • joeCanuck

    I nominate grassy noel and eranu to go there together for a meal and to report their findings back here.

  • wild turkey

    I nominate grassy noel and eranu to go there together for a meal

    Joe C, are you proposing the Times sends its boxing correspondant?

  • joeCanuck

    lol, WT

  • What surprises me is that the Irish News reviewer knew where Goodfellas was. The restaurant has no pretensions of grandeur – and its clientele will continue to frequent it, notwithstanding the review of Mr Coren or the Irish News.

    No doubt the snobs on this site will peer down their noses at those who would enjoy a meal in such an establishment and that really is what this is all about. Snobbery. It’s about those with a too high opinion of their own opinion pouring scorn on those who they think don’t know better.

    Perhaps Mr Coren will, while he’s in Belfast, review some cafes and the likes, to give us his tuppence worth on their Ulster Fries etc.

    The greatest laugh of all is provided by the Irish News and its bloated boast that it appealed this decision for ‘Freedom of Speech’.

  • spiritof07

    Concubhar, I’d say you’ve enjoyed a fair few meals there yourself over the years.

  • latcheeco

    Goodfellas-A calcone,a blue bag and many happy times. 🙂
    Conchubar, I don’t think its a bad thing if even the neighborhood pizzeria knows it’s under threat from a bad write up. Keeps everbody on their toes.
    There’s more than enough talent on the road to rock the chap from the Times or anybody else’s world. I think a lot of people (agus mise fosta)got pissed because we felt it was cheap shot by somebody from the Irish News at a local institution which we all loved not least because often it was all we had on that side of town.(and where we have all had sometimes less than stellar meals.) But maybe it was an honest critique by someone without our baggage.

  • latcheeco

    Concubhar ta bron mor orm for the spelling 🙂

  • austin

    The typical Irish News journalist is best eptitomised as a social-climbing, forelock- tugging Thatcherite Castle Catholic.

    Little wonder that the Snooze’s sales are declining given the sleep-inducing content of this daily dross. The best thing about it is that it’s not published on a Sunday.

    Will I be sued for this bad review?

  • moochin Photoman

    Chips on the shoulder not the menu?

  • latcheeco

    I’m no fan of the Irish Liar but maybe the young lady loved the wild west and thought people there deserved better for the money 🙂

  • Example:

    If you’ve ever sniffed your finger after scratching your arse, and then done it again, then this dish may not be entirely wasted on you.

  • wild turkey

    Is this guy Coren the H L Mencken of restaurant reviewers?


    1. The review will generate a great deal of grim ‘is it really that bad?’ business for goodfellas.

    2. The majority of the responses to Coren review will be along the lines of

    ‘well whaddya expect of a bigoted brit snob who is contemptuous towards the community and culture of west belfast. we reject this latest example of brit post-imperialist oppression. Our day will come’.

    …unfortunately, so does the food.

  • DM

    [i]The typical Irish News journalist is best eptitomised as a social-climbing, forelock-tugging Thatcherite Castle Catholic.[/i]


  • Im of to KFC

    Should we read into the fact that this reporter couldnt even get the Irish News right – kept referring to Irish Times.

    Lets call a spade a spade – Goodfellas may not be michelin star material but its the same as most venues of this type throughout Ireland – cheap and cheerful. A bit better than Burgerking and you can bring your own drink.

    As for this pricks character assassination on West Belfast – well what can I say? I hope he chokes on his next confit of duck on a bed of wild fleur de lit with a side of wild spring onion pommes de terre!! PRICK

  • Rory

    If we abandon a pure Leavisite analysis of Giles Coren’s review of the restuarant Tom’s Place (linked by Mick above) in favour of a Freudian analysis we might discover a rather strange sexual sub-text running throughout.

    Thus we have this:

    It’s why you see him in those Volkswagen adverts looking all grand and sullen with his special spiky hair. But he shouldn’t ram it down our throats like this. (My emphasis).

    Which is then shortly thereafter compounded by this:

    it’s just Tom, with the redness of his special spiky hair nicely set off by a dark blue T-shirt, nodding and listening and occasionally talking. It’s just weird. It’s as if he suspects people have come to his gaff just to get a load of him, (My emphasis again).

    Don’t you find it all just a wee bit Julian Clary? I certainly do.

    It also strikes me as as good a journalistic example of “man plays ball” as I never expected to see offered to us by Mick other than as a cautionary tale of how not to. I shall take it in that spirit and try to curb my own slips in this regard by learning from this.

    p.s. I would not now encourage any fruity follow-up comments such as, “That was quite a mouthful, Rory!”


    “I wonder has the Times of London ever used the term ‘shitehole’ before?

    Posted by spiritof07 on Mar 14, 2008 @ 03:01 PM”

    Not bad Spiritof07 – he actually calls it a craphole

  • I think that Mr Coren’s review had no relevance to the food, he was reviewing the people who frequent Goodfellas. A fact which became clear after he used the term ‘Catholic owned’. No doubt that’s shorthand for a lot of things in the hallowed halls of the London Times – like the British Royal Family won’t be eating there soon….

    And I have eaten there on a number of occasions, though I can’t blame my being overweight on Goodfellas, if that’s what Spirit of O7 is getting at. I have to say that Giles’ – can I call him Giles! – review said a great deal more about him than it did about Goodfellas. He’s the real glutton…..

  • DK

    I’ve never eaten at goodfellas, but I’ve driven past it several times and Coren’s desciption is accurate. I am not surprised by the review, and there are plenty of places that would be as cheap but better (pizza express, for example). I suspect that the bring your own thing is what forms the main attraction to the punters. If you want a night out, don’t care about the food, and appreciate that you can make major savings by bringing your own booze – this is a good place. I suspect lack of local competition also helps.