Council begins demolition of vested homes

Derry City Council had been threatening to forcibly evict residents in houses in land around the City of Derry Airport vested to the Council by the Northern Ireland Regional Development minister, but the BBC reports that, two weeks after the deadline, while two houses are being demolished, some residents remain. From the BBC report

Contractors are knocking down two of the 17 homes vested by Derry City Council last year. Their former owners have already moved, but other residents have vowed to stay in defiance of the Council’s order.

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  • cut the bull

    This would be a strange scenario if the council decided to forcibly evict those families intent on staying.

    Could we have the ten Sinn Féin councillors one of whom is the Deputy Mayor supporting an eviction possibly having to be carried out by the PSNI and council workers.

    Could it be that Cromwells men are here again with strange bed fellows.

  • Ever since the woman blethering on about Cromwell I have had no sympathy. Get em out.

  • cut the bull

    I thought her statement was quite touching.

    A shrewd move on her behalf knowing that this is a predominantly Republican/Nationalist council. She was hoping to pull on a few heart strings or at least make certain councillors feel a bit guilty.

  • Ahem

    From personal knowledge, they’re Jaffas to a man (and a woman). So trust me, Derry City Council’s going to enjoy knocking their houses down.

  • The__Raven

    Ahem, I’m not quite sure what you mean there. Are you implying that the Nationalist-dominated council of the City of Derry will relish evicting people from their homes, seeing them forcibly removed, and then seeing those homes knocked down because they are from the Protestant/Unionist Community?

    Would that be your assertion? That Helen and Brenda and Pat and all will be rubbing their hands with glee as the bulldozers move in?

    Perhaps there’s irony being used there and I’ve just missed it. Like maybe a reverse psychology jibe?

  • cut the bull

    Its sad to see any one evicted from their home regardless of religion, class or any thing else.

  • IJP

    You know, it really would be a lot less hassle just to build a motorway to Aldergrove… [runs for cover]