“This is not the Church of Rome..”

The More4 news report and the discussion of the post-dated cheque [to his party] I mentioned here Adds Thanks again to Typhoo.

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  • Mark McGregor

    It’s funny when the news is too embarrassed to admit they are talking to someone that runs a ‘blog’.

  • perci

    Will we ever be told though, how it all unravelled.
    One can only speculate over the “disaster” of promoting IPJ to the policing board.

    The sheer neck of it; and did IPJ think that to recover his respectability so quickly would bring good fortune is so naive, its actually made things worse for him and his da.
    Monumental arrogance.

    The interview shows how little can be achieved in 3min quick-fire questions. A credit to Mick’s patience.
    Slightly worried that if those tash-sides grow any longer, we’ll be in Charles Bronson territory 😉

  • Has anyone ever wondered what Mick looks like (jpg) without the glasses?

  • Merrie

    “This is no apostolic succession”

    Reading this news item

    apparently a new leader is chosen by the assembly party, without having to ask all DUP members.

    Isn’t this something like the convocation of cardinals who choose the new Pope?

  • susan

    Merrie. You didn’t seriously ever think the Doc understood shite about Catholicism, did you? Just a parting shot at the faith in which many of his constituents baptise their children and bury their dead, to distract from his dénouement with a typical bit of brio.

  • No, in the Church of Rome the leader doesn’t really think he’s infallible.

  • Merrie


    IKP is pretty ignorant of Catholicism (along with quite a few other things) – it shows in his blinded, bigoted approach.

    My earlier post was a parting shot at him.


  • barcas

    Twice in his interview, Mick referred to “the good doctor”. Whilst it was probably nothing more than a figure of speech, many will now believe Mick acknowledges the legitimacy of Paisley’s ‘doctorate’ and, God help us all, the legitimacy of his ‘holy orders’. Better next time, Mick, Paisley has spent a lifetime posturing as a legitimately ordained pastor, he needs no accolades from respected commentators endorsing and acknowledging the validity of his claims.

  • william

    Bigotry is ignorance! The pope does not choose his successor – he’s dead?