Paisley’s post-dated cheque

At the Brassneck blog Mick has posted some initial thoughts on the post-dated cheque that is the resignation of Ian Paisley Snr and he, Mick that is, tells me he’ll be on More4News at 8 to discuss it further. [even Hain’s getting some mileage out of it. – Ed] Adds Among the collated responses on the BBC – who don’t seem to have seen Reg Empey’s comments yet – the UUP deputy leader Danny Kennedy makes a pertinent point about that post-dated cheque

Baroness Paisley, earlier this week, was keen to stress that she believed that her husband still had work to do. That hasn’t been the view that has prevailed in the assembly party or indeed other assembly colleagues.

And Déjà vu? More The BBC’s Martina Purdy seems to agree.

Between now and May, Mr Paisley will increasingly be seen as a lame duck first [M]inister, yesterday’s man.