“a significant change in direction away from Northern Ireland politics..”

With the British Irish Council establishing a permanent secretariat the British Irish Inter-Parliamentary Body could be excused a period of existential angst. The DUP’s Peter Robinson may have made a presentation to the BIIP Body in April 2006, but neither the DUP nor the UUP have taken their seats. The BBC’s Martina Purdy reports that the BIIPB steering committee member, Niall Blaney, TD, is in Belfast this week, meeting the DUP’s Peter Robinson and Ulster Unionist leader Sir Reg Empey. He hopes to persuade both parties to change their abstentionist policies. From the BBC report

The 50-strong body comprises TDs, MPs and representatives from Stormont, Edinbugh, Cardiff, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

Mr Blaney said the body needs unionists on board to be more effective. He has invited proposals from unionists on a name change and a significant change in direction away from Northern Ireland politics. He has suggested a new body could focus on tourism, and shadow the British-Irish Council’s work on issues such as drug abuse.

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  • Just what we need, another secretariat, full of secretaries.

    Is this what it’s all about? What do secretaries do all day? (And I don’t want to knock decent honest to goodness secretaries who do an honest day’s work but this preponderance of non functioning secretariats, who exist only for the creation of paperwork and a vestige of political symbolism (and at our enormous expense, is sickening for a tax payer.

  • George

    The term “British-Irish Interparliamentary Body” was mentioned once in the whole of 2007 in the Irish Times and just once in 2008.

    I would say the overwhelming majority don’t know what it is and more importantly don’t care.

    They would be shocked that it has been in existence for over a decade and produced 11 annual reports.

    I say enough stupid talking shops that do absolutely nothing other than recommend, express wishes or regret.

    Let it die a death especially considering these buckos can’t even spell Dermot Ahern’s name correctly in their annual report.

    I know it will mean less money to all the TDs MPs MSPs and whatever other hanger-on is cashing in but, heh, them’s the breaks.

  • BonarLaw

    OILibhear Chromaill

    Hear, hear! Time for a cross community campaign to rid ourselves of all secretariats starting with that nonsense in Armagh.

  • Bonar, there’s just no sense of equality!!

    I’ve suggested previously that strands 2 and 3 should be emerged so that all of our ‘external’ relationships could be properly developed.

    Perhaps the BIIPB could better reflect the component parts. There would appear to be a disproportionate number of folks from the RoI.

  • The Truth

    Just get rid of the british politicians, then slap the unionist slave mindset out of the orangies here and get all Irishmen & women working together for the betterment and posperity of Ireland. God knows its simple enough.

  • Dk

    How does this differ from the council of the isles? Can’t they just merge them?

  • BonarLaw

    Just get rid of the irish politicians, then slap the nationalist insurectionist mindset out of the micks here and get all Britons working together for the betterment and posperity of our kingdom. God knows its simple enough.

  • The Truth

    Bending and stooping for an english queen is a poor slave-ridden mindset. Don’t pass this onto your children, they will then also be slaves.

  • BonarLaw

    The Truth

    but surely you must know that Britons never will be slaves?

  • Ah the irony Mr Bonar Law.

    The British will always see you as a “mick” or a “paddy”.

  • Turgon

    The Truth,

    If you remember the English did indeed at one stage stop bowing for a monarch. They went so far as to execute him. The interregnum is not as far as I know celebtared that much by certain sections of Irish society. Maybe OILibhear Chromaill can enlighten you on one name from that period. It did, however, produce one of the true masterpieces of English litrature Paradise Lost.

  • Greenflag

    ‘a significant change in direction away from Northern Ireland politics.’

    Halleluia . There is life outside the centre of the black hole .

    ‘ He has invited proposals from unionists on a name change’

    I suggest the British Irish Outer Planetary Exploratory Committee to investigate sectarian politics among the denizens of the Kuiper Belt . It should only take about 15 years to get there . Hopefully they’ll not be returning.

  • The Truth

    Britons may never be slaves, but the poor slave minded Irish here who want to be British are centainly of the slave mindset.
    Throw off the chains of slavery fast before the englishman pumps you further from behind the barrell.

  • joeCanuck

    “but surely you must know that Britons never will be slaves?

    Some were. Try Des Ekin’s “The Stolen Village”. A fascinating story.

    From Amazon:
    In June 1631 pirates from Algiers and armed troops of the Turkish Ottoman Empire, led by the notorious pirate captain Morat Rais, stormed ashore at the little harbour village of Baltimore in West Cork. They captured almost all the villagers and bore them away to a life of slavery in North Africa. The prisoners were destined for a variety of fates — some would live out their days chained to the oars as galley slaves, while others would spend long years in the scented seclusion of the harem or within the walls of the Sultan’s palace. The old city of Algiers, with its narrow streets, intense heat and lively trade, was a melting pot where the villagers would join slaves and freemen of many nationalities. Only two of them ever saw Ireland again.
    The Sack of Baltimore was the most devastating invasion ever mounted by Islamist forces on Ireland or England. Des Ekin’s exhaustive research illuminates the political intrigues that ensured the captives were left to their fate, and provides a vivid insight into the kind of life that would have awaited the slaves amid the souks and seraglios of old Algiers.

    Most of the villagers were English settlers.

  • William Houston

    Niall Blaney….son of oul’ Harry [now deceased] and nephew of the pipe-smoking gun running TD Neil Blaney. How Blaney has changed…from the days [not so long ago] when they were hiding IRA terrorists, not to mention running guns for the ‘RA