Well, he’s no Charlie McCreevy…

The Minister of Finance in the Republic, Brian Cowen likes a drink and is incurably social… Damien has the pictures…

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  • DaithíÓ

    Wow, is that the Rocky Horror Picture show?

  • susan

    Some of the commenters are Damien’s site are far too harsh on the young people in the photos. If you do not have at least a shoebox full of snaps like those from your political youth, then my consolations, you did not have a political youth. Better luck next lifetime.

  • Mick Fealty

    that thought also occured to me too susan… Still Cowan will not be too happy with his particular exposure on this…

  • susan

    Mick, I predict “Offaly Reverberating With Shock. Not.” I hear Cowan’s quite the singer, too.

  • Valenciano

    Geez before viewing that, I’d almost forgotten that in terms of nice women, Ireland is pretty low in the International stakes. Think I’ll stick to Latvia and Sweden…

  • steve

    Those of us who appreciate a wee Irish girlie will be happier if you do. More for us

  • susan

    Au contraire, steve. “¿Quién Es Less Macho?” will be the cry around the hillsides tonight. “Ireland’s Heartache to be Latvia’s Joy.” Slán leat, Valenciano. Vaya con dios.

  • Dublin Exile

    Politics – still Showbiz for Ugly People!!

  • susan

    I generally detest snide little side snipes at people based on their appearance, weight, fender size etc., but Keith Gaughan’s link on Cowan is yabba-dabba-dorable:


  • Tkmaxx

    Fair play – its young politicos having fun – no doubt the usual round of careerist and purist bland policy wonks will hate the idea. Having fun does not come easy. I was going to go off drink for lent but then thought – I am not a quitter!