“damaging fudge” faces legal challenge

A not entirely unexpected legal challenge to the “damaging fudge” of a decision by the First and deputy First Ministers to appoint FOUR Victims Commissioners – who are being paid but who may or may not be legally allowed to get on with their work – has been confirmed.

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  • Rapunsel

    Whilst the challenge may not have been entirely unexpected, I expected it to come from one of the other applicants or shortlisted candidates. I am not clear form the media reports on what basis the challenge is being taken.

    Do these groups( can anyone supply details of which groups) I’ll take a stab at a few

    West Tyrone Voice

    Want the outcome of only one victims commissioner?

    To me this challenge is nothing to do with the appointment of 4 commissioners but all to do with the background of one of them. And on that basis I don’t see why the objection because rather than focusing on getting needs ( and I don’t doubt for a minmute the pain and suffering of people involved in these groups) met it seems to be about keeping a hierarchy of victims going and an opportunity for Jim Allister to make political capital. I’m surprised he hasn’t issued a statement yet!

  • Pete Baker


    From what I can gather there seems to be various points on which the appointments are being challenged – although Willie Frazer did make an appearance in at least one report I saw.

    But the Alliance Party’s Naomi Long, Deputy Chair of the relevant Committee, also provided a good round-up of the bases on which she believed the appointments could be challenged on Stormont Live today [Monday] – although it’s not online yet.

  • Danny O’Connor

    I think that it is very important that the needs of victims are met,the question is, if they were going to appoint a commission as opposed to a commissioner ,why did they not advertise the recruitment as such? many more people may have felt that they could fulfil such a role.

  • Blooper

    Rapunsel is right. I feel really sorry for Michelle Williamson – used and abused by politicians down through the years. Trimble and Maginness escorting her to court when she was challenging Sean Kelly’s release in the courts, then some anti-Agreement UUPers smuggling her in to the Waterfront Hall to attack Trimble and now Willie Frazer, grinding an axe (on whose behalf I wonder?) using her here. Very sad.

  • Dewi

    Still find it pretty astonishing that a change in decision requires such a palaver. They need to amend the legislation and that’s what they are doing. Seemed an eminently sensible decision to me and think that people should give the set up a chance.

  • PeaceandJustice

    We have had High Court judges ruling that the appointment of members of the Orange Order to the parades commission without taking into account a potential conflict of interest was “inexplicable”.

    One member of the victims commission is a well known Republican whose brother died during a terrorist murder mission. How can the commission look after the interests of real victims if part of the team supported the creation of the victims in the first place? i.e. Sinn Fein PIRA murders, bombings etc.

    It’s a sick joke and the DUP should be utterly ashamed of themselves for allowing it to happen.

  • WestTyrone

    What ‘support’ are the victims groups giving exactly? It can’t be financial, and in at least one case there is actually no basis for the group to claim any level of support. Its never been discussed by the group at any level let alone sanction for supporting this being given.

    It wouldn’t be wee Willie F claiming things which aren’t true at all would it?