“A meeting with the IRA is highly unlikely..”

The Eames/Bradley co-chaired Consultative Group on the Past have certainly been busy consulting. They have met the public, they may already have met with MI5, and it’s been reported that they’ve met with the UVF, but according to reports today republican sources are briefing the media that – “A meeting with the IRA is highly unlikely”. Whether, given recent comments on the issue, that’s connected to the point highlighted in an earlier Irish Times report noted here is unclear. That report stated

It [The Consultative Group] is also seeking to establish whether the IRA, in its dealing with the group, would be prepared to make a “solemn declaration or covenant” that it would never again use violence in pursuance of political ends.

One source said that such a commitment from the IRA could be pivotal in deciding whether Sinn Féin and the DUP would be able to reach agreement on the devolution of policing and justice powers to the Northern Executive.

Adds I should note that it was suggested, I think on Evening Extra by Ken Reid on UTVLive, that this indicated an intention on the part of the Provisional IRA to side-step Eames/Bradley and focus instead on the FOUR Victims Commissioners.. a potentially much less inquisitive group.