“He no longer has the fear factor..”

A good review on the Politics Show today of Ian Paisley Jnr’s resignation as Junior Minister, whether or not anything illegal had taken place, and the implications for Ian Paisley Snr. The wide-ranging studio discussion with UUP leader Reg Empey and journalist Ed Moloney also touches on whether uncertainty over Paisley Snr’s future could damage the Northern Ireland Executive.

  • Don Quixote

    Paisley Snr may have Westminster having the last word – and there’ll hardly be a crocodile tear in the House. If there’s a MP in GB who thinks Paisley needs some consideration – the constituency office costs (whether charged to the Assembly or not) will secure the decision. No MP wants the whiff of accepting impropriety about them.

    Put plainly, Paisley paid his son from public money for a job he couldn’t possibly have been doing since he nominated his son to the NI Executive last May. The constituency office scam revealed recently – in offence to Commons standards – will be seen by MP’s as a man who holds the public in disdain

    Ah – but will they? Will they set aside another principle to sustain “the process”? Perhaps …

    If the Commons doesn’t admonish Paislay – will the public in GB much care?

    I believe they will – for a number of reasons:

    1. The parliament is not government – public expectations of parliament are higher.
    2. The capacity for doing deals within government are clear – but they are difficult map on to the floor of the Commons. Government whips will have a hard time dealing with MPs who believe they see dishonesty.
    3. The precedent of leaving Paisley off would come at too high a domestic cost to GB politics.
    4. MPs are unlikely to believe Paisley is needed – he was needed to make the deal but not to sustain it – particularly when his fat hand has been caught in the cookie-jar.

    The question is moving closer to, “can NI’s First Minister sustain his position once deemed dishonest by his fellow MPs?”.

    In NI – sure he can! What’s another crook – and who will be surprised? Very few!

    Ripping off the British public is the one thing that unites both communities.

  • Dewi

    As a matter of interest where is Moloney from – got an odd accent. Very good bloke – look forward to reading his Paisley book.

  • Michael Shilliday

    I’m looking forward to a new edition!

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  • Humbug precedes Humble in the Paisley Political Lexicon as the Junior Minister makes way for the man with the looks of Daniel O’Donnell(?) …

  • A little more pressure on the DUP:

    “It is alleged that at St Andrews two DUP MPs secretly met with Martin McGuinness and that there had been earlier meetings with Sinn Fein both in London and Belfast.”