“That this Assembly condemns the murder of Mr Paul Quinn..”

The NI Assembly today debated a motion on the murder of Paul Quinn proposed by SDLP MLAs Dominic Bradley and Alex Atwood. BBC report here [RealPlayer file]. The transcript will be available tomorrow but for now the BBC report, and this UTV report, carries some of the quotes from the contributors. I’ll just add that Conor Murphy left the chamber after he had spoken and I don’t believe he returned for the vote. On that vote, no MLAs opposed the motion, but none of the SF members voiced their assent, and the Assembly therefore resolved

That this Assembly condemns the murder of Mr Paul Quinn; notes the clarification by the British and Irish Governments that they do not hold the view that the victim was involved in criminality of any kind; further notes the assessments of Sir Hugh Orde and the Independent Monitoring Commission regarding the involvement in this crime of persons who are current or former members of the Provisional IRA, or who have associations with members or former members of the Provisional IRA; and calls upon everyone to encourage people to come forward and assist the police investigations being carried out by the PSNI and an Garda Síochána.

Adds Transcript available via TheyWorkForYou.And from a UTV report

Mr Storey asked Deputy Speaker John Dallat: “Given that this Executive minister, we believe, has met with an outlawed, illegal terrorist organisation which is in direct opposition to the legitimate security forces of this state, and given that that minister in question knew that to be the case before he met with them, and given that he went to discuss with that illegal terrorist organisation their possible involvement in this brutal murder, can I ask you either for a ruling on the possible breach of the ministerial code and pledge of office and would you take this matter to the Speaker as a matter of urgency so that a full report can be given to the House on this particular matter?”

Mr Dallat told the DUP Assembly member his query had been noted and he had no doubt the Assembly Speaker would report back.

That would be in relation to these comments by the Northern Ireland Regional Development minister.

It’s worth noting, again, that Conor Murphy’s previous assessment still appears to contradict the clarification offered by Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams, of his remarks, in a letter to the Quinn family.

However, [in the letter] Adams continued: “I note from some press reports that Paul’s father is reported as accusing me of ‘blackening’ your son’s name with allegations of criminality. I wish to assure you that at no point have I said anything which should be misconstrued in this way.”

Although, as I noted at the time, Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams’ statement from the 22 October, less than 48 hours after Paul Quinn was killed is, however, still there.

[Gerry Adams on 22 October] “I do not believe that there was any republican involvement in this murder.

“This murder is in our view linked to fuel smuggling involving criminals.”

Once again then, “It’s far better people tell the truth on the thing..”

Of course, that requires some clarity of vision..

And, as has been mentioned in connection to another recent event – “Justice is the glue that holds society together.”