Paisley Jnr to step down

The BBC’s Gareth Gordon has reported on Talkback that Northern Ireland junior minister, the DUP’s Ian Paisley Jnr, is expected to make a statement shortly.. and the expectation is that he will resign from his position as a junior minister. I’ll update when we get that statement. Update Talkback confirms Ian Paisley Jnr has resigned as Junior Minister. But will he continue to claim the rent mortgage for his constituency office? And will Ian Paisley Snr continue to do likewise? More In this BBC report. You can listen to the statement here [RealPlayer file]

Mr Paisley tendered his resignation to his father, Ian Paisley Snr, the first minister a short time ago. “I can’t express strongly enough that I am not going because of some hidden or some revealed wrongdoing,” he said. Mr Paisley, who will stay in the post until a replacement is found, said he would contiue in his role as an assembly member for North Antrim.

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  • lib2016

    Word is staying as MLA, resigning from other positions.

  • Only as junior Minister? He’ll probably stand for Europe and end up in an even better paid role. And if he has to stand down completely his friend Seymore can give him a job I’m sure.

  • shankly’s socialism

    I have heard it may be a ‘temporary’ step down as junior minister…surely not another cop out, needs to go.

  • Will he be able to remain a member of the DUP? Will he be invited to fall on his sword as was the case of some other DUP public representatives?

    “These attacks on my colleague are politically motivated and designed to damage his reputation.” .. North Antrim DUP Chairman 1 February 2008

  • perci

    well if Justice is the glue, we’re getting some.

  • Token Dissent


  • Continental Drifter

    Drives a coach and many a horse through the DUP’s reputation as defender of the ratepayer.

    Freeze the rates, and use the rest of the money for pointless offices and useless jobs.

    And, by the way, the First Minister is directly implicated too.

  • joeCanuck

    Just confirmed on Talkback.


    Who’s in the running for replacement?

    Chance for that rumoured reshuffle?

  • willowfield

    About time too.

  • “Who’s in the running for replacement?”

    Jeffrey? Gregory?


    “Who’s in the running for replacement?”

    Jeffrey? Gregory?

    Posted by Nevin on Feb 18, 2008 @ 12:54 PM

    Jeffrey would be mad in the head to take it, but Gregory is on Talkback at the minute paying tribute left right and centre. So you could be right there.

  • perci

    greg’s on the Radio now, so he got his nose in pronto.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Gregory Campbell has confirmed Paisley jr has tendered his resignation as Jr Minister.

    Was sceptical when I heard this yesterday, but it’s great to be pleasantly surprised.

    Davy Gordon, take a bow.

  • steve48

    Snr next on the Robbo hit list would expect him to be gone by the summer as jnr covered for him a lot.

  • Turgon

    I know this resignation is not solely due to Dromore but after the election I suggested a special advisor be sacrificed. This is much more and although there are other causes I am sure the TUV and Dromore are partially responsible; it does imply that a degree of panic may be breaking out.

  • Animus

    My day is made!

  • BG, it’s the Freedom of Information curse …

  • darth rumsfeld

    must be the first time someone in politics has resigned to spend less time with his family…..

  • perci

    great line darth

  • Michael Shilliday

    Anywhere else in the western world he’d have been gone weeks ago. But at least this is progress.

  • joeCanuck

    That is funny, darth.

  • Turgon

    You have to take some credit for this. Congratulations

  • Belfast Gonzo


    Don’t forget that you’re paying Robbo’s mortgage too!

  • joeCanuck

    I’ll second that, Turgon.

  • joeCanuck

    Just heard his full statement.
    See, he didn’t do anything wrong. Just a hardworking Minister playing a leading role in defeating the IRA/SF among his other great achievements.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Yes, to be fair, Nevin has been banging on about these issues long before this Assembly was set up.

  • steve48

    In terms of who would replace him I would rule out any of the MP’s and amongst the second stringers Simon Hamilton appears to be favourite

  • perci

    I want wee jeffrey, because when he speaks to audiences in the Republic, he shows a modicum of respect.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Someone on Talkback was wondering if there’s a golden handshake – anyone know?

  • Turgon, just look at the Blackside. Someone issued an address – #111A Whitepark Road, Ballycastle – for a non-existent dwelling, the Planning Service gives permission, the Planning Appeals Commission overlooks the discrepancy and our public representatives ( and much of our media) remain mute. ‘presently under construction’ is hardly an adequate description for a longish standing hole in the ground.

  • joeCanuck

    I trust that the resignation doesn’t put an end to the questions (or answers).
    Principal one now is who ends up owning the property that the public is essentially paying the mortgage on.

  • Turgon (and Joe), just look at the Blackside. Someone issued an address – #111A Whitepark Road, Ballycastle – for a non-existent dwelling, the Planning Service gives permission, the Planning Appeals Commission overlooks the discrepancy and our public representatives ( and much of our media) remain mute. ‘presently under construction’ is hardly an adequate description for a longish standing hole in the ground.

  • Apologies for ‘doing the double’!!

  • red branch

    one down one to go!

  • Good to know that Ian Paisley Jnr endorses the Green Party vote of no confidence in him passed at the Party’s conference at the weekend, in Belfast.

    Our understanding is that he jumped before further allegations come into the public domain…

  • perci

    pink news are delighted:

    Homophobic minister Ian Paisley resigns from government

    This line must get a sniff at best craic of the day:

    Mr Paisley Jnr was nominated for the Stonewall Bigot of the Year award 2007 but lost out to the Bishop of Hereford.

  • ultonian

    while I’m glad to see the back of IPj the questions remain. What knowledge did his da have of his lobbying activities, his office costs, his research salary from Westminster, his connections with Sweeney etc etc?

    if the lad feels the need to resign – what about the Da?

    Surely it a case of, the other Paisley must go!

  • One down, one to go.

  • Someone needs to look after the old booby, how about Eileen?

  • dewi

    Nev – got anything on Edwin P?

  • Lorraine

    i guess an embarrassment is an embarrassment is an embarassment whatever way you look at it……..

  • ““If truth be told, Ian Junior’s local work on the ground not only snuffed out the ‘blow in’ label, it also laid the foundation for his outstanding result in the elections. In short he did the work, he shook the hands and he reaped the results.

    “He could have sat back and let the party ticket send him to Stormont in economy class. Instead he invested heavily with his time in North Antrim and he must now be regarded as very much a regular in the first class compartment of the DUP locomotive.”” Editor, Ballymena Times, 2003

    Perhaps the DUP locomotive is running out of steam.

  • prolefodder

    The Greens final line of their press statement sums it up ‘Some people bring joy whereever they go, others whenever they go’.

  • Ulidian


    Tremendous! Another great day for Ulster!
    Line up the Doc next!

    JA take a bow!

  • Bob Wilson

    ‘Cull in North Antrim’
    Apparently its the cows

  • This goes to confirm my long standing conviction. The DUP as a party is unfit for government anywhere, north or south. It’s as unfit as Fianna Fáil – and that’s saying something…. Perhaps the two parties should get together….

  • nmc

    This seems to have united almost everyone on here. Unusual but hey it’s great, I personally don’t take to the man (being a papist maself ye know), and think it obvious he’s just hanging onto his da’s coat-tails. Love him or loathe him, big Ian has the skills. Wee Ian has nathin.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    Was Jnr, until today, a shoe-in for Papa Doc’s seat at Westminster?

  • perci

    even his own side say precisely that:
    “IPJ has all of his father’s weaknesses, but none of his strengths”

  • Butterknife

    must be the first time someone in politics has resigned to spend less time with his family…..

    Posted by darth rumsfeld on Feb 18, 2008 @ 01:03 PM

    Couldn’t resist repeating this again!
    So who is next in the DUP for the chop?

  • Wellard

    So much for no smoking gun, eh Junior?

    Surely this is goodbye for Westminster for the boy.

  • Ermintrude

    Was he culled because of blue tongue or forked tongue

    Moo U P

  • fc

    Arlene Foster next for the chop! she misused her ministerial powers and was if they hadnt have been found out she probably would have went ahead with Young Ian jnr’s recommendation!

  • darth rumsfeld

    …Meanwhile in Dundela Avenue, a dark brooding figure sits in the dark methodically stroking his white cat. Before him sits a nervous young man, perspiring profusely.

    “So, Hamilton, you want to be Junior’s successor? You know the deal. Report everything back to me, and if you see the old man about to put his foot in it- do… absolutely nothing. And get as many joint photographs as possible with McGuinness. Close the door behind you”

    The youth exits and a thin smile crosses the lips of the man. Another step in the great plan has been taken…..

  • suchard

    Talkback was today totally anodyne about the heir apparents resignation; it is obvious that the media do not really want to take Slugger seriously. The feeds they get are well worth following up.Ian junior could be going to Trump the generous Mr Todd, who they say installed the kitchen and bathroom at Laverys Bridge road. Grant you it might be another scurilous rumour.Some say there is paperwork somewhere.Reports also show that portacabins might also be on the move. Also the farce of paying Some Fiddling M.P.s to boycott their jobs in Westminster and enjoy double mandates needs further investigation.Grant you they might be feeling guilty about Airey Neave and Ian Gow. Airey Neave was a real brave warrior he did a home run from Colditz. what brave deeds have all the Volunteers done?. Come on Gerry and Martin; are you not a writer Gerry you could ghost for Martin as well.

    It looks as if all youse leaders need to give a lead in this transparency campaign to detail to us the electorate exactly how all your elected members spend all our money; Including the Quangos and all the other beneficiaries of patronage we have a right tknow it is our money. Reg has started but he must not forget his mate Portacabin Billy and also get this libel litigation sorted;out so the big mouthed Hennessy Barrel pays and not the members of the party. Reg has gotten himself a new BRUSH which needs a new shaft and then he can start the big Spring clean up. There is a veritable mountain of very debatable rotten vegetables to clear out including siblings, fathers, sons, wives, daughters and we have’nt started on the in laws not to mention the common laws.
    The bad news is all those naive twits in Westminster,that is the ones that go and take the oath, have so abused the tax payers trust and generosity that very few people trust them with their allowances or monies that are destined for their party, have now got us wanting to investigate the whole body politics behaviour and other arcane and dubious practices.

  • bo shank

    darth, that was beautiful…

  • The Lighthouse Keeper

    IPj outed as republican spy! That would be asking too much. 🙂

  • boo hoo

    Any news on Junior’s replacement in OFMDFM? Me thinks a youngster may be in line (Simon Hamilton??)

  • Chuckle Vision

    “must be the first time someone in politics has resigned to spend less time with his family….. ”

    Posted by darth rumsfeld on Feb 18, 2008 @ 01:03 PM

    Move over, Danny Kennedy, there’s a new kid in town!

  • Half Pint

    Congratulations to Keith Harbinson on removing Ian Jur.

  • Former Ulster Unionist

    Sure Darth could have had Reg’s job never mind Dannys if he had been brave enough.

  • Boyne


    sorry wrong thread.

  • Dromore Voter

    Eileen just been seen coming out of Elliotts (Hire Service) Ltd Belfast, with boxes thought to contain sack cloth and ashes.

    Considering the frequency with which they may be required over the next while, and coming from Ballymena, you would have thought an outright purchase from M&S;would have been better value for money. And, she could always have loaned them to, close family friend, Martin, from time to time.

  • Ahem

    Erratum: for brave, as in, “Sure Darth could have had Reg’s job never mind Dannys if he had been brave enough”, as employed by a previous poster, please see wrong.

    If Darth had been wrong enough to consistently moo and gurn alongside all the other Turtle applauding fools at Unionist Councils past, then shure, he’d have a fine ole carrer in today’s modern, getbehind, I mean, getahead, er, turtly busted UUP. I hardly think he needs to be abused for declining to be [trys to think of name of comically obscure UUP MLA, can’t even do that, gives up & goes back to trading screen].

  • Um, Ahem, Stoopid

    Ahah, for ‘carrer’, please read, ‘career’; for ‘carer’, please read the ad the Cosa Paisley are soon to place in the Tele.

  • Grassy Noel

    Fair play to Nevin, I remember him banging on about this waay back in the day on the Talk Back message board.

  • observer

    Good line from Darth regarding IPJ spending more time with his family. He needs to be careful about copyright law!!!! Jeremy Paxman used that same line three weeks ago on Newsnight in referring to Conway the MP who arranged wages for all his family. I will concede it was an appropriate line to use in this case but credit to Jeremy as the original author is surely due? So Darth own up you pinched the line! We still think it was a brill one to use.

  • slug

    To be fair to IPJ, it is pretty unusual for people to resign in NI politics over matters like this. Partly I think because we haven’t had local accountability. Ministers in the NIO who made errors, Hain and others, never resigned over anything. (Mandelson’s resignation was not related to the job he was doing in the NIO).

    I think it does illustrate the democratic nature of political system, when a party of government feels it will lose votes unless the minister resigns. And it shows the local media developing teeth, the News Letter was full of IPJ stories this last week. So, in one sense, as Michael Shilliday says, it is progress.

    I was worried that our local system would not be democratic enough that ministers would have to resign. But this episode in a strange way gives me hope.

  • Gréagóir O’ Frainclín

    There’ll be many penitent prayers said in the Paisley households tonight!

  • nmc

    There’ll be many penitent prayers said in the many Paisley households tonight! lol


    I can’t believe that he has resigned over this latest nonsense. Surely 80% + of them in Stormont are at the same racket?

    Nor is it credible to say that this was an attempt to stop the momentum against his Da – both Paisleys are too smart to buy into that for a second.

    No, I suspect the only credible reason for IPJ’s sudden and out-of-character resignation could have been the fear of how far these lazy bloody journalists were going to go.

    Who will the Tele Special INvestigations Unit turn their attention to now?

  • I trust the Romanists amongst us with light a candle at mass in memory of Junior’s ministerial career. As for myself, I plan to do my mourning in a pleasant spa.

  • Grassy Noel, do you mind the time the BBC Talkback team removed the fictional yarns about Patsy McCash, the Port Moon Trust, Ben Gore, Croyer Hill, Burning Passions Bookshop and Massage Parlour, Cashlaun Castle, the Pleasures of Plaiskin Wine Bar and Deli, a Clip Behind The Ear Barber’s Shop, the Moyle Maidens (dancing at the Sheddings), Tonduff Times, Ballintoy Bugle et al? They ran for a few weeks and then, puff, they were gone. I wonder who complained. I hope I’m not responsible for putting dangerous ideas into Junior’s head!!

  • Bigger Picture


    I would’nt overplay the TUV in all of this and I do not believe it’s a panic, I think that is just a line you and the rest of the TUV are looking to spin. I’ve been calling for him to go for weeks now an absolute embarassment and liability

  • Bob Mugabe

    Will McGuinness now resign, given all the heavy work his associates have bene involved in? Will he f**k!

  • Turgon

    Bigger Picture,
    Me spin. surely not?

  • pith

    Junior is quoted in the Belfast Telegraph as saying that he dealt with 18,500 constituency queries last year. Wow. The PM should consider himself lucky that he only had to deal with 6 of them.

  • E eye E eye yo

    Dont know whats all the fuss about.Junior paid might have paid over the odds but at least people could see what he got for it. Now what about Portaloo Billy Armstrong,he pays his wife and daughter and rents his portaloo(office) from his wife.It seems that he paid her over £50k for rent.Should he not stand down? Then again we would be no better of as his daughter and wife could be his subsitutes.
    Reggie can shout about Junior all he wants but we are watching what he does with Portaloo Billy.
    Come on Reggie show us how sincere you are about cleaning up your party.We watch with interest.

  • Crataegus

    All we need now is for senior to retire.

  • pith


    Indeed. Not just desirable but logical.

  • Junior Minister culled over brown-tongue

    A Junior Minister & MLA is to be culled on a County Antrim holiday resort following confirmation of the brown-tongue disease.
    On Friday, Agriculture Minister Michelle Gildernew said an MLA from the area who contracted the disease had been put down.

    The MLA had been imported from the Lisburn area. A further 23 MLAs and 9 MPs will now be slaughtered following further tests.

    Ms Gildernew said the area would remain under restriction.

    “This result does not mean that the disease is circulating here, and at present the north retains its brown-tongue free disease status,” the minister said.

  • joeCanuck

    18,500 queries a year.
    Assuming 2 weeks holidays and a 6 day work week, that’s slightly over 60 a day.
    What a superman; he obviously wasn’t paid enough.
    Maybe he should have used a Mumbai call centre.

  • Ian Paisley Jnr’s replacement will be very interesting.

    Ian Senior relied heavily on his Junior Minister.

    If it’s Simon Hamilton Peter Robinson’s agenda will be advanced.

    It it’s Edwin Poots then the Paisley agenda will be held steadfast.

    Who we get really depends on how long Senior intends to stay. If he intends to stay for long he will need someone close to his thinking.

  • Mr Angry

    “Who we get really depends on how long Senior intends to stay. If he intends to stay for long he will need someone close to his thinking.”

    I suspect that Robert Mugabe is quite happy with his current job.

  • Elvis Parker

    Methinks you have all missed the implications for Senior in this. He is bang to rights for having broken Westminster rules on allowances.
    Only Declan O’Loan appears to be catching on to this.
    Nuala will be pleased.

  • RSR

    one paisley down, one to go.

    Would have to agree with michael shilliday in an earlier comment, if this was any other western democracy he would have been gone months ago.

    think paisley senior will finish his first year in office and then resign. I would expect him to go sometime round start of May. Very short time at the top for the doc, spends 35 years trying to get there and then only gets to spend one at the top!

  • Rory

    Da, what are we gonna do about all these rumors they’re spreading about me?

    Don’t worry, son, we can take our inspiration from The Book. Lemme see – here it is – Abraham and Isaac.

    What do we do, da?

    Well, I make a gesture of offering you as a sacrifice and then an angel comes down and saves you at the last minute.

    Are you sure, Da? Will it work?

    Trust me, son. I’m a politician.

  • Elvis P, it was on Slugger this morning:

    ““The House of Commons halted this practice a number of years ago”

    Would the Church Street office be used as the North Antrim Westminster Constituency office by both Paisleys, the MP and the research assistant?

    What about 142A Main Street, Bushmills? Should Paisley jr be paying rates on an office that is used for political purposes by himself and his DUP councillor colleague, David McAllister?

    BTW, what is the name of the company that is supposedly receiving the rent?

    Posted by Nevin on Feb 18, 2008 @ 11:24 AM”

  • 0b101010

    Glad to see the sword fall on one of the many Damocleses otherwise having a ball beneath it in Stormont at the taxpayers’ expense. Just hope that the electorate string up more swords and the media continue to blow at them.