Paisley Jnr to step down

The BBC’s Gareth Gordon has reported on Talkback that Northern Ireland junior minister, the DUP’s Ian Paisley Jnr, is expected to make a statement shortly.. and the expectation is that he will resign from his position as a junior minister. I’ll update when we get that statement. Update Talkback confirms Ian Paisley Jnr has resigned as Junior Minister. But will he continue to claim the rent mortgage for his constituency office? And will Ian Paisley Snr continue to do likewise? More In this BBC report. You can listen to the statement here [RealPlayer file]

Mr Paisley tendered his resignation to his father, Ian Paisley Snr, the first minister a short time ago. “I can’t express strongly enough that I am not going because of some hidden or some revealed wrongdoing,” he said. Mr Paisley, who will stay in the post until a replacement is found, said he would contiue in his role as an assembly member for North Antrim.