Rumours from Dromore..

I can’t confirm these figures yet Looks to be confirmed now, but Porlock in the comments zone here has claimed had the first round count at Dromore as Updated below And Newsletter now reporting similar figures Update BBC reporting a UUP win! [added link]

1st Round : DUP 1069
UUP 912
TUV 739
All 357
SF 350
SDLP 255 [NL figure is 290]
Green 59

Adds From UTV report

MEP Jim Allister of the TUV said he was delighted with the result. He said the result was “an unhappy Valentine`s Day for the Chuckle Brothers”.

Alternatively From the Belfast Telegraph report

UUP deputy leader, Danny Kennedy, described the result as “a St Valentine’s Day massacre for the DUP”.

Update Again via Porlock

SDLP and Green eliminated

DUP 1074
UUP 937
TUV 742
SF 507
ALL 479

Now into third count with transfer of Alliance


Alliance transfers done

DUP 1127 1074 It appears the original figure may have been correct – 1127
UUP 1119
TUV 801
SF 567

SF now eliminated


Latest: after SF transfer

DUP 1178
UUP 1194
TUV 828

TUV now eliminated

Final count appears to be

DUP 1508

UUP 1571

UUP win the seat.