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A BBC report cites a “community consultation” for its story on anti-social behaviour and the apparent conclusion that residents – “up to six families” according to the report – in a block of flats in Lenadoon want to be moved and the flats demolished, a conclusion that the Housing Executive are reportedly considering. But who did the consulting? The only other reference I can find to that ‘consultation’ is in the statement by Sinn Féin MLA, Sue Ramsay, “Following the completion of a community consultation supported by Sinn Fein..” All of which reminded me, again, of a previous post..

Because community implies grassroots legitimacy it is an ideal disguise for such top-down exercises in social control. Being so deliberately ill-defined it is also a tricky disguise to unmask. But unmask it we must if we are not to be told who we are, what we are, how to think and where to think it by everyone anxious to group us under their own agendas. A fair society, as St Augustine observed, must comprise one community of law.

Adds Interestingly the Andersonstown News has a more focussed reportFrom that AN report

A spokeswoman for the PSNI confirmed it was investigating a disturbance in Lenadoon Avenue last weekend.
She said: “It would appear that a disagreement at a party spilled on to the street. On arrival of police a number of youths made off from the scene.”
A spokesman for the Housing Executive revealed around half of the tenants at Block 146 have applied for transfers.


The spokesman [for NIHE] said housing bosses have been working with the local community to make Block 146 a better place to live.
He added: “Recently we have made some physical improvements to the flats to improve security and privacy, and we are examining a number of long-term proposals to tackle anti-social behaviour in the area.”
However, Block 146 residents are in no doubt as to how to improve the area.
“They should kick out the tenant who is partying all weekend,” said one man. “If they did that the noise and fighting would stop overnight.”

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  • Alan

    “But who did the consulting? ”

    Why don’t you find out?

    It’s strange that some people will set out to ignore peoples’ legitimate concerns because they don’t know who those people are.

    If there’s been a consultation and the NIHE is taking it seriously, then why wouldn’t you take it seriously? Do you require some higher level of proof than the organisation that has statutory responsibility for the matter?

  • kensei

    A fair society, as St Augustine observed, must comprise one community of law.

    England is one place. But it is a very big place and contains a lot of different people.

    Are you suggesting that anything illegal has went on here? Are you suggesting a consultation is necessarily invalid because SF are involved in it? Are you equally suggesting that the problems of high rise living haven’t been documented extensively and there couldn’t be a million and one good reasons to get rid of them?

  • cut the bull

    If you really want to find out who did the consulting ask the housing executive.

    I’m sure you will get an answer if you ask thats if you really interested.

  • wild turkey

    ‘Following the completion of a community consultation supported by Sinn Fein, Sue Ramsey also called on the Housing Executive and Housing Minister Margaret Ritchie to intervene and end the nightmare of local residents by providing alternative housing and knocking down the flats.’

    SF Press release.

    Questions, questions.

    What does the phrase ‘supported by Sinn Fein’ actually mean?
    Who actually initiated implemented and analysied the consultation?
    Was it SF?

    If yes, why not just say so? Surely it is a legitimate and welcome exercise on behalf of a political party to ascertain the life experiences and preferences of constituents.

    If no, who is responsible for the consultation?

    If minister Ritchie does not intervene to end the residents nightmare, will SF portray the minister as indifferent and ineffective?

    Oh yeah, is NIHE one of the public bodies that can request an ASBO?

    The above questions are not meant to deny, dismiss or minimise what appears to be the pisspoor reality of the lives of the affected residents.

    Finally, have emailed NIHE asking if they carried out said consultation.


  • Grassy Noel

    It’s obvious, isn’t it?

    The control freak facists of Sinn Fein are orchestrating a campaign of terror against poor, defenceless young adults who like nothing better than to gather at weekends drinking lemonade, reciting poetry and arranging flowers.

    I can exclusively reveal that several of these fine upstanding young citizens have had run-ins with two local residents who are friends through marriage of a senior ice cream man who once served a 99 to the nine year old son of a senior member of a local club who has been known to say ‘alright’ to persons connected to the local Provos in the past.

    It is this which instigated this disgraceful manipulation of the local citizenry to seek action to have the homes of these people demolished.

    It is something whihc wouldn’t be out of place in Nazi Germany, or Stalinist Russia.

    The community so referred in this article is a cabal of SF brainwashed local individuals with no forebearance or intellectual perspicacity who are led like sheep by the puppet-masters in the so-called republican party.

    Shamefully, as a result of keeping the IRA on-side in this sickening peace process, the British and Irish governments have brought pressure to bear on the NI Housing Executive to sanction this despicaable move.

    Security cources claim a warning was conveyed to Gordon Brown from high-ranking members of the SF/IRA hierarchy that a return to war was on the cards unless this was forced through.

    But at leastright here, on Slugger O Toole, the moral watchdogs are sniffing and their tails are wagging, and they are barking, absolutely barking, in the direction of this craven act of social engineering.

    (c) Sunday Independent/Sunday Tribune 1975

  • nmc

    Lol Noel very good.

  • Dec


    After your success at adding Bach music to the space shuttle doing another orbital role, perhaps you could add the soundtrack of a barrel being repeatedly scraped to this thread.

  • Chris Donnelly

    Grassy Noel


    Keep it up!

  • Pete Baker

    The story, as reported by the BBC, smells wrong – unscientific, but there you go.

    I’ve added the Andersonstown News report on the same story as a comparison.

  • Mark McGregor

    Is there a recognition that ‘communities’ might actually exist and have valid views through Pete’s update? Or are the ‘ubiquitous’ spides still gaining absolution from the ‘ubiquitous’ chattering classes?

    Ubiquitously, of course.

  • Pete Baker

    I don’t expect you to fully agree with me, Mark.

    But leaving the straw men to one side and focussing on the detail would be progress.

  • kensei

    But leaving the straw men to one side and focussing on the detail would be progress.

    So… six families are being driven mad by people partying all night and want transfered out. Doesn’t happen too often thankfully, but I live in a City Centre Apartment Block and can appreciate being driven mad by loud music from inconsiderate neighbours.

    So, could be solved by either moving the residents or prosecuting / applying ASBOs to the trouble makers. Since this would be the type of offense where the accusations are going to have to come from your neighbours, the point on “consultation” you made seems void. Blowing it up seems a touch drastic, but if the pic on the AN is right, it’s one of those fugly block of flats built in the 60s/70s which are a bloody eye sore and should be blown up. And if it is a focus of trouble (and to speculate, crazy parties = drugs) removing it as an easy place to congregate seems like a sensible idea.

    I’m not sure if you had a point at the start, but now I really am lost as to what it is.

  • Danny O’Connor

    There are ways and means to deal with such problems that doesn’t involve kneecapping.Recently 2 individuals in Larne were given ASBOs and fined £2500.Punish the guilty – not the innocent.Why should anyone be forced out of their home?Why should we have to build more houses to deal with this problem? It is a law and order matter,now I accept that some people have not quite got their heads around the whole law and order concept just yet,but that is where the solution lies.No matter how many houses you build it will not reduce the capacity of some individuals to be a “neighbour from hell”.

  • lib2016


    The trouble with punishment is that it won’t help the people who are causing the problem, just move them along to annoy some other poor unfortunate. We need residential caretakers in flat developments and similar spots like the Holy Land, and most importantly we need something like the Civil police on the continental mainland, not to criminalise the mostly young adults who disrupt people’s lifes but with authority to confiscate the cause of the disturbance or fine for it on the spot, whether that means a sound system or an uninsured car, or even just to fine a drunk and send him home.

    There are various systems of local rangers etc. being being tried in a half-hearted way and uncoordinated way. No-one hates vigilantees more than I do but we need something between the very formal apparatus of the law and local policing. Give people responsibility and they will surprise you.

  • Danny O’Connor

    Lib 2016
    thanks for your reply,there is currently legislation where the environmental health officers of your local council can seize hi-fi’s ghetto blasters tv’s etc to alleviate noise problems.My point was that forcing the innocent out of their property is making them victims twice.Moving the culprits is merely moving the problem which will create more victims.Subject the culprits to the full force of the law.Building new houses must be a priority for Margaret Ritchie, to alleviate the fleecing of those on benefits by private landlords,but anyone who is allocated social housing must accept the social responsibility that goes with it.

  • Dave

    Well I can see how sitting on an online community can be seen as anti social or different from the norm…but makes you not want to deal with rl bs such as this.