Vote RTÉ, or the turkey gets it?

With little information on their entry, the BBC noted a local [Northern Ireland] link to the shortlist for RTÉ’s entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2008. But there’s a turkey in the bunch.. as some bloggers have already spotted. And he’s an RTÉ employee.. RTÉ’s Morning Ireland talked to those involved [RealPlayer file]. As with last year’s song the public will decide.. the fools.. and with the topic already being discussed on RTÉ’s Questions and Answers [RealPlayer file] the prospect of the turkey going to Belgrade is real. Fittingly, yesterday’s Irish Times went to John Waters for his considered opinion..

“Don’t forget that we are talking about the Eurovision. It’s fun, it’s kitsch and nobody takes it all that seriously,” he said.

Not after last year, John, not after last year..Btw, this is how Mr Waters described his song last year.. [via Google Cache]

“When we heard that DERVISH were going to represent Ireland in Eurovision we decided to write a song combining an Irish flavour and a European theme, one that addressed the changing nature of both Ireland and Europe. They Can’t Stop the Spring is a kind of Celtic celebration of the eastern European revolutions and their eventual outcome, including the presence in Ireland of thousands of new Irish from Czech, Slovakian and Latvia.”

Fun, kitsch and not taking it seriously?

That’s what the BBC thought last year.. And we all remember how well that went..

“All together now.. Crush the flowers.. Crush the flowers..

Keith, formerly of this parish, might have something to say on this.

In the meantime.. Can we vote for Lordi again?