Super Pancake Chooseday….

Sorry about the title, just getting into the swing of the second biggest day of the Presidential election. Conall has some Obama thoughts. And Richard has been running a sterling commentary on the US presidential campaign over at Brassneck. Though as Janet Daley points out, the European view of US politics can get it badly wrong, not least because many of the original Kennedy Democrats went Republican for Reagan. And of course there’s the story of British Tories for Obama. Lastly, if you are an obsessive and within a throw of South Dublin, why not join other addicts at the bash in Upper George’s Street, Dun Laoighaire. €15 at the door, or €10 concession if you {encode=”” title=”email David”} beforehand.

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  • Rory

    I read this article in The Spectator yesterday by James Forsythe (link below) which might lend some credence to the “Tories for Obama” speculation, if we regard the Speccie as a sort of Tory in-house magazine.

    However despite Obama’s staunch defence of capitalism (as what US presedential hopeful would not?) or McCain’s discerned weakness on some issues dear to the Right, I rather think that any Tory support for Obama would be more likely to be based on anti-Clintonism than anything else. That even though I find it difficult to understand how Tories could not warm to a president (Clinton) who in his second term of office signed a bill with a rider prohibiting Pell Grants for the incarcerated. Previously inmates were able to apply for such grants to fund teachers from the local community to come into prisons to conduct educational classes. Now prisoners must rely on teachers voluntarily and unpaid devoting their time and energies to prisoner education. Kind of thing Tory Tony dreamed about no doubt when he was spouting “Education, education, education”.

  • Garibaldy

    How long have you been waiting to use that headline Mick?

  • Greenflag

    Good one Mick -Chooseday 🙂 . Americans may call it Twosday 🙂

    I suspect that Chooseday will leave three and not two candidates in the race . McCain will be the Republican’s nominee but the Democrats will probably emerge close to each other in delegates with Clinton probably in a slight lead .

    Americans have not had such an exciting election in decades. When there were more viewers for the Hillary /Obama debate than the Super Bowl that’s an indication that there has been a ‘paradigm’ shift in the electorate.

    The USA is turning left . When the republican debate is reduced to arguing about which of their candidates is the most conservative or the least then you know that they have given up on hoping to win the election based on real issues !

  • Greenflag

    Half a vote half a vote half a vote onwards ?

    As millions of Americans head to the polls today, expatriates living in Ireland also have the opportunity to vote for their presidential candidate.

    One of Dublin’s most famous pubs, O’Neills of Suffolk Street, is hosting a ballot as part of the Global Democratic Primary, which will help decide the fate of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

    Kevin Lyda, a member of Democrats Abroad Ireland and one of the organisers, said the battle to be able to vote the first woman or black US president is so close it could be won or lost in Dublin.

    “The next US president could be decided by someone in this pub,” said Mr Lyda. “I know it sounds absolutely insane, but it’s actually true. Any other election year that would not be true.”

    The O’Neills ballot is among polls of registered Democrats in more than 30 countries outside the United States that will help decide the party’s candidate for George W Bush’s successor.

    The Global Democratic Primary allows all party members living abroad to cast their votes on “Super Tuesday,” when more than 20 states hold contests. There will be 22 delegates returned from the global poll, each with half a vote, in the Democratic National Convention in August.

    That convention will decide the party’s White House candidate to run against the Republican candidate in the main election in November.

    “Twenty two delegates out of 3,700 odd seems like a drop in the ocean, but it’s not,” said Mr Lyda, who grew up in Kansas and New York before emigrating to Ireland in 1998.

  • Crataegus

    Good headline

    The question niggling in my mind; will America vote for either a female or coloured President? Of the two the former seems more likely but Obama has had remarkable press coverage. It is seldom critical and that just cannot last.

  • BfB
  • BfB


    and coloured…. If you were a US journalist you would be fired instantly (or sooner, if they could). That’s why Obama is dent free

  • interested

    This is a pretty cool video, made by obama supporters, using his New Hampshire speech a few weeks ago.

  • Occasionally when these American hooha’s happen I am often reminded of the Bill Hicks skit where he had puppet on each hand one labled Republican and the other labled Democrat. It doesn’t matter who gets voted in there is only one entity pulling their strings, big business.

  • BfB

    Big business, indeed..
    And don’t forget
    this monster.

  • Crataegus


    Very interesting, definitely a case of political correctness gone very wrong. The word has utterly nothing to do with Negroes.

    I think there is more to the dent free nature of the press coverage that that. There is a hope for change and a willingness to set cynicism aside for now. However if he is successful in achieving the Democratic nomination then I think the honeymoon will come to an abrupt end and only then will any problems become more apparent. A bit of Press cynicism now would have better served the needs of democracy.

    One thing we know for sure Bush’s days in that office are numbered and I can’t imagine any of the contenders being worse. Can they?

  • BfB

    Well, McCain will certainly be worse imho. His
    man, Juan Hernandez, an open borders shill. As well as his associations with La Raza are very troubling, given the fact that he says he will clamp down on border illegal crossings. He is misleading, sneaky and dishonest. I could link to many factual occurrences, if you like. Look up his voting record, his past associations, sponsored bills etc. He is a bad man to have running the US. Romney would be best. But, alas, I think we’re in for a shit storm.

  • BfB

    This fella gives a pretty good take on how I view McCain.

  • Shamrock Biff 2007

    Barack Obama might have captured 3-more states on Super Tuesday, but Clinton leads the delegate count . The Barack Obama speech on super Tuesday appeared to the neutrals to be addressing black voters only .
    Here’s a thought I think that Hillary Clinton is being attacked by the Republican Party in a very subtle way , by Republicans voting for Barack Obama in the primaries to help him defeat Hillary Clinton , who they fear will rout them in the Presidential elections . It will be interesting to watch how the Media then reacts to the Barack who is their flavour of the month at this moment in time . That is until the agenda changes ,and they have removed the right wings nemesis namely Hillary Clinton !

    Having Barack Obama as an opponent would suit them , as it would be easy to subtly introduce the race card i.e. – a black , and a white male candidate head to head fight .
    With Hillary Clinton it would be two white opponents ,with both black & white women mobilising to elect a first women President .
    If she had been in Al Gores situation in the 2000 election I don’t think she would have rolled over , and let her bone go with the proverbial dog as he ” Al Gore ” so obviously did , and in the process allowing the USA to become the laughing stock of the world . ” Democracy how are you as the saying goes ” .
    It is my firm belief that the selective use of the word democracy has diminished the values once cherished so highly by citizens of the USA, and the perception of their nation by the global nationalities . . To quote a few incidences , democratic elections in Chile ,and other South American countries as long as the USA liked the result otherwise some means was manipulated in order to achieve the downfall of the resultant regime .
    Democratic elections in Palestine , which were overseen by observers from western nations had the same result . They did not suit so the result is invalid , why are we so surprised at the distrust shown to USA , and their allies who are accomplices by their silence . Unfortunately the seeds of all this mistrust have been sown by the past two administrations ,and it will take a strong honest ,and respected leader to pick up the pieces ,and repair the damage . This could take more than two terms ,but now is the time to make a fresh start , if it is at all possible .

    John F Kennedy , perhaps one of the most inspirational speakers in his day, and a magnet for youth ,and those who wanted change , had 8 years United States Senate experience . He also had taken a run at the Vice Presidency in 1956 ,and with all the dirty tricks he experienced then , he quickly came to understand how politics , and government worked from the inside .Barack Obama lacks the all round experience which is required when the ultimate decision is his ,and overruling his advisers is required , as at times will undoubtedly happen in the lifetime of Presidential office .
    While Barack Obama is undoubtedly a very accomplished orator he has not yet had the time to develop the guile that is required to deal with the established politicians , who are in the pocket of big corporation money interests , both inside the Senate & on Capital Hill .

    John F Kennedy , did not waste time condemning his political opponents in his own party structure , and those who supported them , as the Barack Obama camp has been constantly doing with Sound Bites , that do not contain any substance whatsoever . This of course is grist to the mill of the Republican party as is the careful omission of the media pack ,as to the fact that the majority of the Kennedy clan firmly support Hillary Clinton.Head lines of course were given to the fact that two had given their support to Barack Obama , Caroline of course being wedded to an ardent Republican who is Governor of the Orange State , “California ” !

    In order to have influence in changing a governments policy’s , the first requirement is to learn how to operate from the inside to get the laws ,and policies changed. There is no doubt that Barack Obama’s day will come , but he will need more time to learn the realities of the horse trading ,and double dealing that is the politics of Corporate influenced America ,and elsewhere . Unfortunately Idealism & principles cut no ice with the pariah’s who swim in the murky waters of world politics .

    We in Ireland learned this lesson time , and time again over the years ,in a constant battle with a duplicitous British government ,who are masters of the slight of hand , and doublespeak of the political schemers ,and self seekers . This battle is ongoing , and we are faced with fresh deviousness from “Perfidious Albion” on a daily basis , but as we live we must learn , lest we pay the price of our naivety .

    Watching with interest from outside the loop .
    ShamrockBiff2007 .