“Responsibility.. rests solely with the applicant..”

A Department of Education spokesperson has reminded parents of their obligations in relation to providing “documents verifying particularly the residential information” in applications for post-primary school places. That’s a requirement brought about by a recent judicial review. No mention of EU laws though.. From the Department of Education’s statement

“Parents are also advised to read carefully the Department’s “Dear Applicant” guidance which is located near the beginning of the Education and Library Board Admissions Criteria Booklets. This explains the need for all applicants to provide alongside their application forms, documents verifying particularly the residential information contained on their application forms. The precise details of these requests will be contained in the individual entries of post-primary schools contained within that booklet. Responsibility to ensure all verification documents are attached to the Transfer Form (in the case of applications to post-primary school) rests solely with the applicant and they should ensure that all documents are attached before signing off the Transfer Form. The provision of false or incorrect information or the failure to provide verifying documents according to the required deadline may result in either the withdrawal of a place or the inability of a school to offer a place. [added emphasis]

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  • “In relation to school transport, a child will only be eligible for transport assistance to a school which is more than three miles distant from home where he or she has been unsuccessful in gaining a place at all suitable schools within three miles from his or her home. Suitable is defined as: denominational or non-denominational grammar, controlled or maintained secondary, integrated or Irish Medium only. No other definition of “suitable” is acceptable. Parents must therefore apply to all suitable school(s) within walking distance (three miles) of a pupil’s home even though, on the evidence of past patterns, there would be little prospect of obtaining a place at them.

    Who determines which school is ‘suitable’? Can, for example, parents and the principal of a nearby ‘collude’ in such a way that parents can have free transport to another school further away?

  • joeCanuck

    Gee,Nevin. That’s quite a stretch of the imagination!

  • feismother

    < >That was always in the transfer booklets (and in heavy print and block capitals) even before the recent judicial review.

    And yes, in certain circumstances, you can get free transport for your child by applying to your nearest school knowing you’ve little chance of getting a place and then get the child to the second choice of school which might be where you really wanted your child to go, complete with free transport which you wouldn’t have got if you’d made it your first choice.

  • graduate

    rather looks Like Catriona’s having another bad day doesn’t it? Ah well, time the Shinners got rid of her. They could always replace her with Gerry Adams, just to prove he’s still there

  • Hogan

    Lets give our Minister an education!

    P – is for please give us certainty
    O – is for out on your arse
    S – is for shite performance
    T – is for tits-up career
    C – is for crap policy
    O – is for only 60 mins at committee
    D – is for D-minus from Sammy Wilson
    E – is for England’s model education system

    L – is for Laugh (If you didn’t… you’d cry!)
    O – is for one-standard education fits all
    T – is for trying to reach concensus
    T – is for tired and failed ideology
    E – is for Election South Down 09!
    R – is for Ruane may pull it off yet?
    Y – is for You must be fucking joking!

  • missfitz

    When is the last time anyone saw a child walk 3 miles to school? Apart from anything else in this debate, that is a pretty outmoded standard by which to decide transport.

    Roads are more dangerous and there by implementing this policy we are encouraging huge numbers of parents to drive their children to school. (usually in monster trucks driven by lollipop moms with stick like arms)

    What about a brave new eco-friendly policy of providing free bus transportation to all children and leave the jeeps in the driveways?