Beatles nuts hijack NASA..

At least Paul McCartney is being appropriately light-hearted about this – “Send my love to the aliens”, indeed. Yoko Ono is.. well, being Yoko Ono. On the 50th anniversary of its founding, NASA, in their wisdom, have decided to transmit The Beatles’ 1968 song “Across the Universe”.. across the universe. Or, at least, towards the North Star, Polaris. Why Polaris? Because it’s there – 431 light-years there. Nothing scientific about any of it, btw, even though they’re using the Deep Space Network on its 45th anniversary to also mark the 50th anniversay of the launch of Explorer 1. Of course, if they were being serious they’d transmit something intelligible. [And possibly more upbeat? – Ed] ANYhoo.. this isn’t the original, but the combination is entertaining/interesting/fun* [* delete as appropriate]