“If others have not been consistent, that is a matter for them..”

A couple of interesting points arise from today’s Irish News report on the comments by Northern Ireland Regional Development minister, Sinn Féin’s Conor Murphy, on Radio Ulster yesterday – as noted here. The first comes via a footnote to the report

n An article in yesterday’s Irish News incorrectly suggested that Sinn Fein councillor Colman Burns had spoken to Mr Quinn’s family.

Well if it was incorrect to suggest that, then we should go to the apparent source of the suggestion confusion, Sinn Féin councillor Colman Burns

“The information supplied to the family by the PSNI identified no specific organisation as to the source of the threat. The family told me that no purpose would be served by publicity of any kind in relation to this threat. We agreed to abide by their wishes.”

More below the fold. Adds As Rapunsel has pointed out in the comment zone, Cllr Burns is actually referring to the family of the man who received this latest threat. Updated belowAnother point is the comments of Sinn Féin’s Conor Murphy on consistency

Speaking on Radio Ulster yesterday, Mr Murphy, pictured, said he stood over the allegation that Mr Quinn’s death had been linked to criminality.

“I can say that I made my analysis on what happened here honestly on the information which was available to me at the time – I have been consistent in that analysis,” he said.

“If others have not been consistent, that is a matter for them.

“I can stand over my analysis at the time and I still believe that to be the case.”

Mr Murphy said Mr Quinn had never been charged with any crime but added: “We made an assessment of what the young man was involved with.

“We made a very honest assessment at the time. We are consistent in that assessment.

“I have heard nothing to make me change my mind.”

Except that, at a time when Sinn Féin were asking the family “to re-consider their position and meet with [Sinn Féin] party leader Gerry Adams”, another Sinn Féin councillor, Terry Hearty, issued a statement in which he claimed that Gerry Adams had written to the family “almost two months ago” and that in the letter

He [Adams] also assured the Quinn family that he had at no time said anything that should be construed as labelling Paul Quinn a criminal.

That statement no longer appears to be available on the Sinn Féin website.. Adds But, in the comment zone, Ian points to the letter being quoted in this report

However, [in the letter] Adams continued: “I note from some press reports that Paul’s father is reported as accusing me of ‘blackening’ your son’s name with allegations of criminality. I wish to assure you that at no point have I said anything which should be misconstrued in this way.”

Although, as I noted at the time, Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams’ statement from the 22 October, less than 48 hours after Paul Quinn was killed is, however, still there.

[Gerry Adams on 22 October] “I do not believe that there was any republican involvement in this murder.

“This murder is in our view linked to fuel smuggling involving criminals.”

Once again then, “It’s far better people tell the truth on the thing..”

Of course, that requires some clarity of vision..

And, as has been mentioned in connection to another recent event – “Justice is the glue that holds society together.”