Keeping politics in the family

Mr. Derek Conway seems to be in the process of having his political career ended for having employed his son to do nothing and has now agreed to step down at the next election. It appears that a number of MPs employ their relatives to do real work in an entirely legal and acceptable fashion. This situation also appears to pertain in Northern Ireland, again entirely properly and legally. The Paisleys’ have taken this system even further; Ian Paisley junior is of course part of the Paisley political dynasty and an elected MLA in his own right. Let us stress that neither Paisley has done anything remotely wrong nor contrary to any rules and as Fair deal notes here junior has been cleared of wrong doing over the Balee land issue by the assembly ombudsman. However, Dr. Paisley may at times wish that Paisley junior was only doing nothing rather than being worse than useless for the DUP.