“Nothing could be further from the truth..”

Confirmation in the Assembly today of what was described, by the First minister, as the ‘unhelpful’ leaking on Friday of the announcement that there are to be FOUR Victims Commissioners. From the report at the Irish Times

As MLAs also expressed concern about the way the decision was leaked, Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness also dismissed claims that four commissioners were appointed because he could not agree on a single appointment with DUP leader Mr Paisley.

“Nothing could be further from the truth,” the Sinn Féin MLA said. “We never at any stage of our deliberation had a situation where the First Minister proposed someone and I proposed someone as an alternative, it never happened. I know some people may greet this with incredulity but I think it’s a symbol of how he and I do the business in terms of moving forward.”

Hmm.. Mark Devenport noted on Stormont Live that an actual confrontation didn’t have to happen for there to be such a disagreement.. and it could, indeed, be symbolic of their approach.. Adds The FOUR Commissioners-Designate want everyone to move along now.. nothing to see here..